Unkept Promises

Stacy has never been the outgoing type. Ash doesn't know when to stop. When detention brings two completely different people together what will they do? The pressures of high school are against their side. When Ash is forced to move away how will Stacy survive?


1. Prologue

He shifted slightly in the old chair just so he could hear that amusing squeak it made. Sitting still in a place like this was nearly impossible and something about the steady beat of the clock and astonishingly clean vinyl floor made him nervous. A slender woman in a black uniform appeared in the open doorway opposite the front desk, holding a thin piece of paper in her scarred hands. “Ash Benson?” she announced, looking around the room, although he was clearly the only person there, “If you would come with me please.”

The building seemed awfully quiet, so quiet that Ash could hear his heart pounding in his chest. This didn’t help with the fact that he was trying to play it cool with his shoulders held back and his face controlled, masking his fear.

The hallway was endless, every now and then the tall woman would direct him left or right and after 10 minutes of adventuring through the maze they found room number 306 in the West Wing.

A man was already seated in what appeared to be an interrogation room with a large mug of steaming coffee. Ash sat down and automatically slumped back in his chair, kicking his feet up on the table. A look of disgust appeared on the man’s already stern face as he dismissed the tall lady.

“Do you know why you are here Mr. Benson?” Ash shook his head although he knew perfectly well why he was here. “You are here because you were a naughty boy, very naughty indeed. What on earth made you think that it was alright to throw a bonfire inside a house?”

Ash scrunched up his face, restraining himself from laughing, “It made a great party though, didn’t it sir?” The man didn’t look impressed at all, he leaned forward, only inches from the boy’s face, his eyes blazing as if he himself were on fire, “Reckless people like yourself, Mr. Benson, get thrown into jail for days. Start losing their minds because they don’t have anything to do but stare at four walls for 48 hours. I would watch your mouth if I were you young man.” He paused to take a long sip from his mug, “Lucky for you your parents have agreed to pay a nasty fine.”

Ash let out a small sigh of relief and his heart slowed down. How was he going to explain this to his parents?

And with that the meeting was over, Ash was escorted out of the room and returned to the endless maze that awaited him, this time, on his own.



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