The Boy Next Door

Emma meets the guys next door and they hit it off. But will Emma be able to deal with the hate? Find out by reading the book


1. Introducing Me

Haylo my name is Emma. I have light brown hair with bright blue-green underneath. I have bright blue eyes and i have a black lip ring and a nose ring. My best friends are Avery and Chelsea. Avery has brown hair with bleach blonde underneath. She has Brown eyes and she has a nose ring. Chelsea is the oldest and she has dark brown hair (she dyed it, it was originally light brown with blonde) with blonde underneath. she has bright blue eyes and she has a black lip ring. Chelsea and Avery didnt like each other at the beginning after they met all 3 of us hung out for awhile and we all became besties and we never let anyone feel left out. Ok so im a wierd person so u cant judge or i will break yo face got it? get it? GOOD! 😂😂 told you!

Ok now lets get on with the story... K? Great!

Shout out to you for reading this

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