Movellas Community Radio

With movellas, I will be creating a community radio for movellas for a while (like a miniseries) and I would like the community to participate, so here is where you go (well the comment section) if you want to take part.


1. Movellas Community Radio - A Beginning


I shall now announce the Movellas Community Radio, a community radio station for our very own online community. Honestly- it's fairly self explanatory. It's still exciting though! (yay! hopefully.) I am working with Georgia T, so the episodes, which begin some time in May, will be on the movellas youtube channel. I'm just going to be talking about our community, fandoms, interviewing movellians, etc. Generally involving as much of the community as possible and hopefully pointing you towards some great pieces authors and giving you some great tips that have been submitted by fellow movellians.

So, I thought, what better way to introduce it, than with a sort of competition(s). For all of the competitions, you can enter whichever you like, wherever you are form however many times you wish.

Competition 1.

Create a banner with the sizing 680x260 for the movellas community radio and I will choose one to be the final banner for this competition

Competition 2.

Almost the exact same, create a banner, but this time, the size must be 920x260. Again, I will choose a winner.

Competition 3.

Create a banner, this time, the size must be 200x200; so I guess it really isn't a banner, but more of a background image. I will choose one as the winner.

To all those participating in the above competitions, GOOD LUCK! :)

Now, one thing I'd like help with, if anyone is particularly talented at creating digital music, is a backing track for the episodes. If you think you'd be ideal, email me (I'll put my email below, after some other stuff) and send me a sample of what you've created.

Another opportunity to take part can come in the form of an interview! If you would like to be in one of the episodes, being interviewed, again email me (email is below). If you don't want to be interviewed, and just anyone else, submit questions you'd like to ask the authors. I will get back to the individuals doing the interviews, to work out a good time, but I want it to be a surprise who it is every episode, unless of course it's you, in which case, it won't be.


I'd also love if people would comment movellas and movellians they want to acknowledge, and we can have a segment on not very well known authors and unknown works can get some publicity.

You can also send in published books you want to share with the community and I can read them, or try to, and give a review.

You can send links for articles you want me to speak about or send me a video, just post it down in the comments.

I hope that everyone wants to participate in the movellas community radio so that I have somewhere to start when I do in May.

-Mels `

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