A most beautiful enemy.

Lyall is not normal. Nor is Nebit.
But a string of wild events cause both their wolds to be thrown into chaos.


1. The Meeting.


Lyall was bored. And longing for the freedom of running to nowhere, with The Pack. But they ran yesterday. And running was only once a week. So he remained bored, and restless, and when that mixture is swirling inside a fourteen year old male, well... It was Saturday, meaning that the world outside the walls of his room was forbidden. He paced his room, snarling, and checked his clock. 1:00 a.m. Shit. He sat down heavily on his bed, and passed a hand over his face. He couldn't believe it. Sighing, he grabbed his phone and texted three people,'Do you wanna go for a run in the woods?', Blakesley replied the quickest, "YES!!!" Then Ylva, then Fox, both saying yes. He pulled on some denim jeans, a blue shirt, and a black hoodie. He walked into his parents room, and said quickly "Can I go for a run?" His mother was asleep, but his dad was awake, and reading.

"'Course." He answered, checking the time.


Lyall ran down road, breathing in the delicious fresh air. If anyone human saw him, they would think he was some sort of stray dog. He had transformed back at the house, for convenience. Much faster.

Lyall was a something a human might call a "where wolf," however, he could transform at will, had super senses all the time and stronger than most anyway.

When human, he had copper coloured hair, tanned skin, but he had very strange eyes. Orange encircled the pupil, but the rest of the iris was blueygreen. When he was wolf, it was exactly the same, but his eyes where flipped, orange, with a blueygreen rim around the pupil.

He continued to run until he was deep into the woods. Then, he threw back his head and howled. I am here. Come here. "Where are you?" The reply was as to be expected. No, you come here you lazy pig, a lady calls." That was Blakesley. He was about to defend himself, when Fox jumps in "You all come here. I'm by the lake. Stop fighting. Ylva's with me." He howls back, agreeing, and runs on. He's never felt more alive. Racing through trees, and he's in heaven. Lyall reaches the edge of the lake. He hears a series of half barks behind him and turns just in time to see three familiar shapes emerge from the foliage. He came! Lyall! Lets talk human now. All four wolves transformed. "Do you want to go swimming?" Asked Blakesley, as she gazed out over the glistening lake. "Noooooo" complained Fox,"It's too cold"

"Well," said Ylva shyly, "We were going to go for a run...?" Her voice faded off as the group turned to look at her.

"Ok Wolfgirl," said Fox cheerfully, "let's go for a run." Ylva gave Fox a look that would have burnt a hole in him if he hadn't hidden behind Blakesley, who was marginally bigger than him. "I told you, Fox, don't call me that." She growled.

"Running!" Shouted Blakesley, over cheerfully, to stop the situation spiralling out of control.

"Fine" said Ylva, still looking daggers at Fox. As she turned to face the trees, she heard her mutter,"dickhead."

"Where are we meeting?" Lyall wondered aloud.

"The huge oak that we all climbed once." Said Blakesley.


And then they were off. The wind carried scents of tempting foods, rabbits and squirrels. Yummy. They had all transformed. He caught glimpses of his friends pelting along with him. What a pack they were, he thought. Fox, small, mischievous, and clever, ginger like his namesake. Ylva, petite, with a pretty face and a tongue sharp enough to slice your balls off. Blakesley, tough and guarded, but had a heart big enough to house the world and its wife, with a guest parlour, shed, garden and garage. But then something very strange happened. He got lost. He had never been in this part of the forest before. Figuring that it was because he was a wolf, he transformed, and looked around. Where was he? The trees suddenly became dark and forbidding. He began to panic, and tipped back his head to howl. It didn't work, coming out a small stutter. The panic rose, and he forced it down, but it didn't work. What was happening? His vision grew dark, and he stumbled backwards, tripped over a tree root, and tumbled back down a hill.

He came to rest in a small clearing, bruised, with bits of twig and leaf everywhere. He lay, flat on his back, staring at the sky, drifting in and out of focus. And then it hit him. A far away, long ago conversation about how his mother was completely human, and how his father was wolf, and that while the wolf gene tends to be stronger than the human, there would be times when his wolf would fade and feel what it was to be human. Useless, and blind, weak and deaf. Lyall the human sat up, and found himself staring into a pair of shining, green eyes.

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