How did Ariana end up in the middle of the woods in the deep dark night? What adventures will await for her, spending this dangerous a strange hut, with a couple of strange guys?

This lost, confused girl has no other options than getting to know each one of them, while she's being trapped.


1. Where am I? How did I end up here?


'So pretty...such a waste...'


Jai turned around to face his brother, giving him an angry look.


'She's not dead, you cunt.'


My body was shaking...

The darkness I saw was slowely wiping away...


I opened my eyes.


I faced a cute looking guy with dark brown hair and hazel coloured eyes. <3


'Are you okay?'


He looked at me worried.


I had no idea what was going on.

I didn't remember a single thing of how I ended up here.


I was so scared...


It all happened so fast...


I wasn't able to breath properly.

I couldn't move my arms and legs.


I couldn't even cry...


As soon as my body was starting to function normal again,

tears were streaming from my eyes,

rolling down my cheeks.


Jai looked at me shocked...


Luke and James were standing behind him...


Everyone was staring at me,

not knowing what to do.


I felt relieved and embarassed at the same time.


Jai came to his sentences.

He called Luke and James for help:


'Get her water, fast!!'


Luke nodded.

He took off to a small bar that was standing in the corner,

in front of the couch I was laying on.


I stared at Jai.


Did this guy carry me inside?


This was bad...


I didn't even know these people!

What was going on?!


A familiar looking guy handed me a glass of water.

I tried sitting a bit straight up and took a sip.


Much better.


I looked at both of the guys.

I shoke my head.


What in hell was going on?


Not only did I just faint...

and wake up in some strange place,

with strange guys...


I was also starting to hallucinate?!



'There's seriously something wrong with me.'

I said carefully.


Both of them looked at each other questioningly.


I explained.


'It's like...I see double...'


'You guys look exactly the same!'


They both bursted out in laughter.


I didn't think me going insane would be this funny,

but okay.


'Don't worry you're fine!'

Luke grinned.



I gave them a confusing look.


'We're twins.'

Jai explained.


That makes sense...:P


I started laughing with them.

It was incredible how much they looked the same,


although you could tell them apart.


The guy that probably carried me inside had one of his ears pierced.

The one that got me water had both of his ears and lip pierced.


Other than that,


If you looked at the details...


the one that got me water had a freckle in the middle of his nose,


while his brother had one under his right eye...


'My name is Jai and this is my brother Luke.'

Said the guy that probably saved my life ._.


'My name is Ariana.'

I smiled at them,

a little shy.


'Where am I?'

I asked them politely.


'To be honest,

we have no idea either.'


Luke stared at the ground...




Yet another confusing look came onto my face.


'We came here to be safe,

just like you,

well...before you fainted.'

I took another sip of my water.




My mind was going insane...

as if...

as if it was spending it's time in a rollercoaster.


'You don't remember, do you?'

A new face walked carefully towards us...


'My name is James.'


He smiled at me...


'Nice to meet you James...'


'I'm Ariana.'


'And no...I don't remember...'


He took a moment to think.


'That might be for the best.'

He said smiling.


Was he for real?


Were they seriously not going to tell me why I wanted to go inside of here in the first place?

Were they seriously not going to tell me why I was in the middle of the woods at midnight?!


'We think it's too much for you to handle right now...

you need some rest.'


I looked at Jai and nodded.

I did feel like I was about to pass out...


I didn't even want to know what time it was...


As soon as I tried standing up from the couch, I started getting extremely dizzy...

I immediately fell back on my place...


Jai looked at me...a bit shocked.


He took my hand



I was too tired to say anything about it,

so I let him carry me









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