...But You Promised

What if you fell in love with someone. What if they promised never to leave you,
Or break your heart.
what if one day they left.
Without a word.
Just a text.
What if you then knew,
What dying felt like.
What if they promised never to leave you,
Or break your heart.
They lied...

A true story...kinda...


1. First Day

Hunters POV

My alarm went off making me jump as I was in a deep sleep I quickly turned my alarm off and stretched, getting out of bed i reached for my t-shirt on the floor putting it on i went down stairs to see my mum cooking pancakes and as usual my dad sitting at the dinner table eating toast "good morning mum" I said kissing her on the cheek "good morning sweetie did you sleep well?" My mum asked while I looked in the fridge for juice "yeah where's the juice?" I responded wondering what happened to the.

...juice, "it's over here" my dad said pointing at the juice on the table "oh thanks" I said closing the fridge "breakfast is ready" my mum said with a singing tone "are you ready for your first day at your new school" my dad asked me turning around to look at me "yeah I guess" I responded while putting Nutella on my pancakes, I love Nutella, I sat at the table while eating quickly, my new school starts earlier then my old one as i used to love in Australia but I moved to Colorado just last week

I miss all my friends, I miss going to the skate park with them and to the beach on hot days, at least I'll have memories of being with them. I finished my breakfast and ran upstairs to get changed, it was cold here in Colorado it was different from Australia, I put on my black jeans and then a Santa Cruz t-shirt then I put on my nirvana jumper over that I love the band nirvana after I did my hair and brushed my teeth I put on my palladium shoes and grabbed my backpack, phone and iPod/headphones

My mum was driving me to school so she could sign me in. I went back downstairs my mum was ready to go, I packed my bag and walked to the car waiting for her my dad was already gone, after two minutes she came out she locked the front door and then unlocked the car I got in as my mum started the car and drove towards my new school. After 15 minutes we were at the school, I looked at it and saw a bunch of guys staring at me, I just got here and already I'm getting the death stare I got out the car and followed my mum into the office she talked to a lady while I looked at the pictures on the wall they had pictures of students that go to this school, I saw a girl in the picture she was beautiful and just so perfect she must be popular or something I thought to myself, then I got tapped on the shoulder turning around to see my mum smiling "I'm all done the lady will take you to your class room" my mum said "okay I guess I'll see you later" I responded

"Bye" my said walking out of the office. I turned to the lady and smiled at her she smiled back. "Let's get you to your new class shall we?" She said in a innocent voice "yup" I responded back still thinking about that girl I hope I see her today she would just be even beautifuler in person. I followed the lady outside while getting stared at the whole way. Some were pointing but I just ignored it. We got to a double door she opened one up allowing me to go in first...I looked around the corridor there were a couple students in the corridor at there lockers. "There's not many students here yet but when the bell goes it will crowed with students everywhere" the lady said smiling "that should be fun" I laughed a little the lady as well walking down the corridor we stopped half way the lady knocking on the door, a man opened the door he seemed really happy i guess that's a good sign, "this is the new student he's in your class" the lady said smiling at me."Hi" I said to the male teacher he smiled at me and I smiled back "hello I'm Mr. Stevens" he responded "it's nice to meet you Mr. Stevens I'm-" I was cut off "I know who you are" he said laughing a bit "oh okay" I said smiling wondering how he knew who I was "come in" he said letting me in I smiled and walked into the class room seeing some kids already there I turned back and the lady was gone so I turned back around and took a seat at the front of the class Mr. Stevens shut the door and walked to his desk and started reading a book, I grabbed my iPod out and put my headphone in my ear started listening to music and of course I was listening to nirvana. 10 minutes later the bell rang quickly I put my iPod and headphone back into my bag as students started to walk into the class and of course they were staring at me but I didn't care. It took 2 minutes until everyone was in class. "Okay everyone today we-" Mr Stevens was cut off by the door opening.

He turned around to see who it was. "Ahh Andrea it's nice of you to join us" he said happily "hi Mr Stevens" the girl said I looked up only to see the beautiful girl from the picture my eyes widen and I could feel myself blushing I looked down not letting anyone see. I heard her footsteps coming closer to me as my heart beat picked up as she walked passed me i felt my heart beat go back to normal I looked up and turned back around to see where she went as I saw her sitting at the back She was looking at me so I turned back around straight I could feel her staring at me the whole session but I thought nothing of it, eventually the bell rang for lunch I grabbed my bag just before I walked out I was stopped by Mr Stevens "you need a locker for your bag and I have one already picked out for you" Mr Stevens said "okay" I replied "follow me" he said walking out of the class room.

I followed him passing heaps of students then Mr Stevens stopped "here you are your new locker" he said "Thanks" I replied smiling at him "no worries" he said and with that he walked off. I opened it up and put my bag I'm there already seeing my books in there "hi you must be new here I'm Andrew Preston" a voice said from behind me it startled me making me hit my head on the shelf of my locker that has my books on, i turned around rubbing my head "hi Im-" I was cut off "I know who you are Mr Stevens just told me about you he told me to come and say hello" he said "oh okay" I said back to him "If you want I can give you a tour of the school?" He said smiling "no thanks I'm okay for now" I said giving him a smile "okay well see you around then bye" he responded "bye" I replied turning back to my locker and locking it. I walked to the lunch I just followed other people and sure enough they went to were everyone else was I got my lunch which was a mixed salad and I sat down on a table by myself nobody was giving death stares now but some people did glance at me now and then I finished my salad and looked around the lunch room and then I see her that girl that beautiful perfect girl what's her name again? Andrio? No that's not it, is that even a name? "Don't get to attached" I hear a familiar voice say I looked to see Andrew sitting across from me eating a salad "pardon?" I asked confused "don't get to attached" he repeated "why?" I asked frowning "because Andrea over there is the schools little miss perfect" he said "what do you mean?" I asked looking over at her "Well everybody loves her she's basically popular but if you make her angry you'll be dead before you know it I heard she knocked a girl out once and it put her in hospital" he said looking back and forth from me to her, I didn't believe that last part she didn't look like someone that would knock someone out "I don't believe the last part people just say stuff just to get popular" I said frowning a bit "trust me she did" he said trying to convince "nope" I said shaking my head slightly I stood up from the table and walked off to the bin and threw my rubbish out o turned back around only to see Andrea walking towards the bins but she didn't have any rubbish but I quick ignored it and walk towards the door I walked quickly no looking back, I walked out of the lunch room and continued walking down the corridor "HEY!" a girls voice said I kept on walking pretending I didn't hear it "HEY!" The girls voice got louder but this time I thought I would be nice and stop. I turned around and saw her. Andrea. Gosh she looks even beautifuler up close "yes?" I said curiosity in my voice. "Your the new kid right?" She asked smiling "yeah" I responded giving her a smile back "I'm Andrea it's nice to meet you i thought it would be nice of me to introduce myself" she said still smiling. Gosh her smile is beautiful just like her. "It's nice to meet you to Andrea I'm Hunter" I said putting my hand out she took my hand and we shook hands I didn't wanna let go of her hand But I had to or she would think I'm weird, I looked into her eyes and straight away I got lost in them. Am I falling for this girl? I thought to myself. I don't even know her. I wonder what she's thinking. "So we're in the same class" she asked stoping me from my thoughts "yeah" I said not sure to smile or not. she probably doesn't even want me in her class. But then she smiled so I smiled back. Gosh what is wrong with me. "What? Nothing is wrong with you" she said laughing a bit Oh gosh I said that aloud. "I said that aloud didn't i?" I said frowning "yeah but don't worry it's okay" she said smiling "are you sure?" I said still frowning I feel so embarrassed right now "yeah I'm sure" she said still smiling. gosh her smile is killing me. In a good way. "Okay" I said and of course the bell had to ring i wonder what will happen now walk to class together? Or ignore each other? And then the unexpected happened she grabbed my hand...She pulled me near the locker still holding onto my hand I was scared my heart beat was beating rapidly, as the corridor flooded with people she let go of my hand I started to relax "sorry if we didn't move we would end up dead because of them they are all like animals when the bell rings" she said laughing. Gosh even her laugh is adorable. I laughed as well "true" I responded "come on let's get to class" she said we started walking making our way to class when we got there we went inside Once we were inside she ignored me like she didn't know me I didn't think much of it but I was still concerned about it, I sat at the front like last time I could feel her staring at me again like she was burning holes into me. Mr Stevens came in with a TV which I guess means we are watching a movie which was good I guess, "okay class were gonna just watch a movie for the last session but first I forgot to tell you that we have a new student with us today he's come from Australia"Mr Steven motioned for me to come up to the front so I did I had to introduce myself again great I thought to myself as I stood at the front of the class "everyone this is Hunter" Me Stevens said putting is hand on my everyone murmured there hi's to me "hey everyone" I said feeling uncomfortable, I sat back down again still feeling Andrea's eyes on me, Mr Stevens set up the TV and started to play the movie. We were watching Annabell I've seen it before at the movies with my friends It isn't that scary, half way through the movie I fell asleep forgetting that I was at school, I slept for the rest of the session, then the bell rang waking me from my sleep luckily nobody saw I was asleep well I hope no one knows. I was the 6th one to leave the class forgetting about Andrea I made my way to my locker unlocking it and grabbing my bag, I walked towards the closest door I walked outside walking towards the gate of the school I saw Andrea with her friends I sighed Knowing she would ignore me again I just kept walking I walked passed only to be stopped by someone's was hoping it was Andrea but when I turned around it was Andrew I sighed again "what's up?" I asked "I was told to give this to you" he said handing me a piece a paper "oh okay thanks" I said taking the note and with that I turned around and walked off to my mums car, I got into the car and closed the door "hey mum" I said smiling "hey sweetie how was school?" She asked smiling back "good" I said When we got home I went to my room sitting on my bed throwing the note on the bed next to me not wanting to read it i laid down closing my eyes after a few minutes I got up and went downstairs to get something to drink, I opened the fridge and grabbed a can of coke, my mum was in the lounge room watching the news, I sat on the couch next to my mum holding my can "what time does dad finish?" I asked watching the TV "9:00pm" she answered back "okay" I said back my dad always finishes late Me and my mum are okay with it but we wish he could get some time off he works to much my mum starts work next week she works a lot as but not as much as my dad my mum is a make up artist she does make up for weddings, parties, proms and more, I got up and walked back to my room putting my drink down on my desk and sitting down again seeing the note again next to me, I picked it up and held it. Should I open it?. I thought to myself. I opened it up only to see it was from Andrea. As I started to read the note it said. 'Hunter I'm sorry for what happened at school it's just better off if no one knew that we talked or that we know each other sorry ~Andrea' as I felt pain in my heart I threw the paper onto the floor, laying back down on my bed I closed my eyes wanting to cry. Maybe Andrew was right. Maybe I shouldn't get to attached. But she gives me these feelings I've never had before. I'm not falling for her. Am I?. See she gets me all jumbled up in my thoughts After I had my jumbled and complicated thoughts, I fell a sleep, as you can see I sleep a lot, I like to sleep.

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