Safe & Sound - Link x Captive!Reader x Captor!Dark Link

Another Link x Reader!! Inspired by the song Safe and Sound written by Taylor Swift. Also available in my Movella, "Link x Reader - Story Collection". Yes!! I'm so happy that this is finally done! I'm so proud of how it turned out. I felt like you Link lovers needed something big! I hope the wait was worth it. Enjoy!! If male fans of Zelda wish to read this, I don't mind making a version with my own character so that you can. Please ask in the comments!


1. Safe & Sound

     You try to run, but your legs are frozen in fear, not listening to any command that your body makes. Everywhere around you, children screaming for their parents, people grieving over their lost sweethearts and old couples holding each other tightly. Smoke surrounds the town from every angle. Your head feels hot, as though you may faint any moment if not for the panic surging through your body, making your heart beat faster than a cheetah. You pant, looking at the monsters surrounding you, wishing they would just go away. Why? Why did this happen to you? Where is he when you need him? How could he do this to you?! This isn't fair! You're only an innocent maiden in Castle Town, you don't deserve any of this; none of the people do! So why? Where is he, you ask? Your precious beloved is the cause of this destruction. He stands on top of the castle roof, throwing his head back in a state of laughter - evil laughter. Panicked, you lift your head up to see Stalfos rising from the dirt and surrounding you. Breathing heavily, you sink to your knees, gripping the dirt in fists tightly. It doesn't feel soft against your burning shaking hands. It feels... hard. That isn't normal, not even for dirt. And when normal things change in Hyrule, you can only expect the worst.

     "Link... Why? How could you....?" You whisper to the ground, only to shoot your head up to the sound of a Stalfos speaking.

     "Oy! Look at this girlie over here! She's a pretty one, at that! I think we'll have more joy at seeing her blood on our fingers! Here that, boys?! We get to destroy something beautiful!" The leader finishes with a wide smirk. The fellow skeleton-like creatures raise their fists in the air with deep cheers. You can only watch, tears coming out from your glass-like (eye colour) eyes. They start coming towards you. The leader raises his sword high in the air. You shut your eyes, preparing for the blade to strike.

    "This is it... This is the end..." You whisper. The swooping of the blade comes down onto your delicate form! You are tempted to scream... But it never comes. In surprise, you look up to see that the blade has been deflected, by none other than the Master Sword.

    "Hey! Listen! (Name), are you okay?! Hello?!" A fairy surrounded by a blue aura darts around your face, lighting up your features. You pay Navi no mind as you watch the green clad warrior fend of the attack.

    "Link..." You whisper.

    "Ergh... YAH!" Link uses all his strength to push to Stalfos away before he can lay his hands on you. It tumbles back into the others with a pained expression. Link pants, breathing slowly as he waits for them to get up.

    "I don't understand," You whisper to Navi, only to hear another evil laugh from Hyrule Castle roof. You look up at it to see the exact person you thought was Link. You can see him clearer now. Darkened skin, ivory hair that reflects the sunset perfectly, a jet black tunic and glowing crimson eyes. They were glowing.

    "That, (Name), is Dark Link. He's Link's shadow, his complete copy except for the fact that they're opposites. He's not one you want to run into. Dark Link is evil," Navi says the last word with edge to her voice, spitting out her hate and fear for the entity in that one word.


     You gasp and your eyes widen at the sight of him, hands on hips, cackling at the sight of his destruction. How could someone as pure as Link have a shadow as dark, as evil, as him?! It makes sense, reversing all the purity of the Hero of Time and converting it to something of that pure darkness. It's scary, though...


     "Let's get 'em, boys!" You and Navi's attention immediately goes back to the battle ahead at the Stalfos' cry. Link charges at them, a blue glow emitting from the Master Sword. He uses a spin attack, injuring them as they disappear into dust. Link runs to your side after his victory, kneeling down and taking your frail form into his loving arms.

     "Link..." Link's grip on you tightens as he sees the tears falling from your eyes.

     "(Name), are you okay? Are you hurt? I should of come sooner. I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he whispers those words to you over and over. By putting your head over his chest, you feel the steady rhythm of Link's beating heart. It calms you, knowing that your true love is alive.

    "No... I'm not," You whisper. Link breathes a sigh of relief. Both of you are perfectly content holding one another in your arms. Of course, that couldn't last forever.

    "HELP!!!" The sound of a woman's cries echoed through. Link starts to release from your hold until you grip his shirt and pull him back.

    "Don't!" You cry, wishing he would stay with you forever.

    "(Name), I have to help! It's my fault, Dark Link is my shadow, after all!" Link protest.

    "I'll never let you go!" You scream. Tears fall down Link's face as he holds you tighter.

    "Those shadows will kill all of Hyrule's light, we'll be consumed by darkness if you don't let me go!" Link shakes you lightly, "look around you! They're fighting for us! For Hyrule! I have to go!"

    "I love you..." You whisper.

 ▲ ▲

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight.

 ▲ ▲


    "Hang on a minute..." Link said, walking over and kicking a Stalfos' body, "this was way too easy... Almost as if it were a... DISTRACTION!!!"

    "How right you are," a dark voice replies from behind. Link's eyes go wide as he turns around to see no other but himself, dressed in black and crimson eyes glowering at him, holding your helpless self tight against himself.

    "(NAME)!!!" Link shouts at you, his arms shaking as he draws his sword, eyes still focused on your whimpering form.

    "L-let me go!" You scream at the entity. Dark Link chuckles in amusement.

    "She's feisty! I like that. I think I'll keep her," Dark Link finishes with a smirk.


    Link's eyes burn with rage. He grits his teeth and tightens his grip on the Master Sword. 

    "You will do no such thing!" He yells and charges at his dark counterpart. An amused grin spreads across Dark Link's face as he teleports away, still holding you and appearing behind Link.

    "Link! Look out!" Navi screams. Before Link's mind could process what his fairy friend had just said, a blow of a fist hits his back and he tumbles to the ground. You can only widen your tear stained eyes at the sight of your beloved pummeling face first into the ground. Link gets up and glares at his copy, pain showing in his eyes. If you weren't being restrained by Dark Link, you would have run to his side and helped him up. 

   "Bye, Blondie!" Dark Link waves with a smirk on his face before teleporting you both away.

   "Link!!" You scream.

   "Hang on for me, (Name)! I'll find you! I'll bring you home safe and sound!"

    That was all you heard before blacking out.

                                                                                         ▲ ▲

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

 ▲ ▲


    Your vision clears and you open your eyes. Your memory comes back together piece by piece. You remember destruction... Link... Captured.... Your eyes shoot open and look above your head to see your wrists shackled above you. You gasp and start pulling with all the strength you have, but no avail. Realising it's hopeless, you bend your head down, looking to see you're at least a metre from the ground, not a far distance but definitely one to be scared of. Looking around, you can see that you are isolated in a dungeon. Your head shoots up to hear the door swinging open with a loud CLANG! Dark Link steps into the shadows with a smirk on his face. You growl at him, wishing you could wipe it straight off. No, not wipe it, more like claw it off as painfully as you can. How dare he?! That destruction! And to make matters worse, he did it wearing the face of your Link! And you will never forgive him for that. Never.

   "I apologise for the chains but that is how you treat a prisoner, is it not?" Dark Link chuckles, making you want to kill him even more. You rattle the chains holding you as loud as you can to show that you're not amused. 

   "You're not sorry!" You spit at his feet, making the shadow jump back in surprise.

   "You're right, I'm not!" He smirks, making you want to kill him more. Dark Link eyes you suspiciously, as if he discovered a new species never before seen in the world. You watch as his eyes cascade down your restrained form. You glare into his red orbs, as though burning a hole through them.

   "What?" You ask, finally getting fed up at his unusual behaviour.

   "You haven't asked yet," Dark Link replies with a very vague answer. You've had it with this entity now, your patience having flown through the window. 

   "Asked what?!" You demand, "answer me, Demon!!!!"

   Dark Link merely chuckles at the fire and hate burning in your eyes. "You haven't asked for me to let you go."

   You turn your head away from him in protest, although you had no idea what you're protesting for.

   "You wouldn't let me. It's pointless," You sigh. Dark Link grabs your chin.

   "You're quite the beauty. How about becoming my Queen? We can rule Hyrule together. I'm still Link, after all."

   There wasn't a statement that could of made you sicker. He kidnapped you and plans to make you his queen to make your true love suffer?! Saying that he is him?! Dark Link... Truly is a monster.
   "I would never become your queen! I will never betray Link and you will never be Link! You're a monster, far from what he is! You're a sore excuse for a hero's shadow! And I hate you!!" You shout. Dark Link's smirk disappears and his red orbs glare at you. Releasing your chin, he stomps towards the door.

   "Fine! Let's see if you change your mind after spending a few more days in the darkness. Maybe when you're rotting, you'll turn to me. Blondie won't be able to find you, and Light won't win this time!" and with that, Dark Link slams the door and locks it tightly, leaving you in the darkness once more.

   "Link... Come and find me..." You whisper, hanging your head down and accepting what is to come.

 ▲ ▲
Don't you dare look out your window darling
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

 ▲ ▲

       A bulbin laughs evilly at a house he just set on fire. The mother, with tears in her eyes, holds her two children in a tight embrace. The son and daughter shiver with fear, their tiny hands grasping each other tightly.

       "Mummy, I'm scared..." the daughter says, looking up into her mother's kind eyes. The mother strokes her daughter's blonde hair with a kind smile.

       "Everything will be alright, Mildred. Soon, you won't feel scared anymore and we'll be in a better place," she says. Mildred smiles brightly at this and so does her brother.

      "Oh boy! That means Dad's gonna be there too, right?" George, Mildred's brother, asks.

The mother's vision clouds for a moment and her smile leaves her lips before it reappearing and her replying, "of course! We'll be a family again! We'll never have to worry about working like the peasants we are and we can live a carefree life!" 

The children, oblivious to anything else, start cheering and swinging each other around and around.

     "You hear that Mil?! We're gonna see Dad!" George laughs with a happy smile. Mildred returns the favour as if she is a ray of sunshine.

    "I know! Can you believe it?! I've never been happier!" 

Tears fall more rapidly from their mother, Sarah's face. Her children are young. She didn't want to crush their childish spirits by telling them the truth of what really happened. Their father often guarded the gate that led to Death Mountain in Kakariko Village. In Sarah's children's eyes, he's the best father anyone could ask for! On George's seventh birthday, he didn't expect anything. The family are so poor that every coin they owned, so you can imagine the surprise on little George's face when a small, brown package was placed in his tiny hands. Pulling the string that held the parcel together, he hurriedly opened it to reveal the face of his favourite cartoon character, Keaton the rabbit, in a children's mask! He immediately put it on and started chasing Mildred around the house. She squeaked when he finally caught up with her and grabbed her by the sleeve. Shyly, George took off his mask and handed it out to her. Mildred gave her brother a funny smile before grabbing it and putting on. She then started to chase her brother around the house, their parents just laughing and gazing lovingly at them. Even though they were poor, having each other made their life worth something. That thing was taken when Sarah's husband was ordered into war. She could remember him kissing her forehead, telling her everything would be alright before taking off on his horse. She remembered the yellow telegram being delivered a week after by the Hero of Time himself. He assured Sarah that he fought bravely until the end, quietly slipping away and leaving her to fall on her knees, crying her heart out. It was times like these that Link felt like giving up. He couldn't though. Everytime he wanted to, he also knew that he had to stay alive. He would tell himself, "if not for me, I'll stay alive for (Name). She means the world to me and after this is over, I'll never leave her side."


      That same family who reminded Link of that were being burned to death before his very eyes. He watched as the straw roof of their small hut gave in and crashed the house down. There was silence, the only thing to be heard was the bulbin's evil cackle. Grief struck, Link charged towards him without hesitation. The bulbin widened his eyes in shock as the blade came swinging and cut him in half. The bulbin disappeared in a purple puff of smoke, leaving nothing behind. Link fell on his hands and knees, catching his ragged breaths as Navi hovered around him, trying her best to comfort her friend. It wasn't fair on Link that he should watch Castle Town fall to destruction, lose the one he loves and see a family he knew so well be executed, all thanks to his own shadow. 


       An evil laughter sounds from behind him as Link quickly gets up and spins around. "Where is she?!" he demands, gripping the Master Sword tightly and aiming it at his dark counterpart. Dark Link widens his eyes and he holds up his hand in a mock surrender.

      "Calm down, Blondie! I only want to talk!" Dark Link smirks. Link gives in and lowers his sword. "Thank you!"

      "Be quick," Link mutters, to which his counterpart only widens his smirk, much to Link's annoyance.

      "I offered (Name) the world, to rule beside me as my queen."

Link widens his blue orbs, he didn't like where this is going. "What?"

     "And she refused! For you! She's a strange one indeed. Do all people become stupid for the people they love?" Dark Link questioned.

Link growled, "what did you do to her?!"

The shadow only smirked at seeing his reaction, "nothing. She's fine in my castle dungeon," he let that last word sink in.

    "What?! LET HER GO! SHE'S INNOCENT!!!!" Link was losing it now, the thought of someone as pure as you stuck in a place as unholy and dark as that.


   Dark Link smirks before fishing out a round magic ball from his pocket. It starts glowing a deep violet before the clouds clear to reveal your disheveled form hanging limply from the shackles that tightly bound your wrists. What Link is seeing completely shattered his heart into a thousand pieces. You looked so weak, so feeble, so precious. Your porcelain features covered in dust and dirt, your blue robe tattered and your (hair colour) hair hanging over your face.

    "(Name)..." he whispers.

    "Hey, Blondie. Catch!" Dark Link calls as he throws the orb at the hero. Link immediately catches it, as if you would break too if it were to fall. "I'm letting you get her back."


This stunned Link, he didn't know how to reply, "is this a joke?"

    "Nope! I swear on the Triforce! And you know I'll die if I break that oath."

    "That's right, Link! Not even Dark Link can break it!" Navi says.

    "Why...?" Link asks.

Dark Link gives his infamous smirk before replying, "shadow's already won this round against light in the war for Hyrule. I thought I'd treat myself, even if it's just my light side."

A small smile appears on Link's face.

   "Don't think it means anything! We're still mortal enemies! Consider us even," Dark Link holds out his hand and Link shakes it. And with that, he and his fairy disappear from view.


 ▲ ▲

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

 ▲ ▲

      By now, you have given up, lost hope completely. Face it; Link isn’t coming for you! Think of all those other girls. Link can have Princess Zelda if he wants, so why you?! She’s a goddess on earth, literally! And you’re just a normal village girl with (hair length) (hair colour) hair and (eye colour) eyes. Why would the Hero of Time ever want you? After this is over, Zelda will be in his debt again, and what will stop him from being with her? You? Come on, (Name).

    “No… Link loves me! I know he does!” You whisper. But if that were true, he would’ve come for you by now. Who are you trying to convince, yourself? Giving yourself false hope that your hero will save you? That only happens in books, in fairy tales. And guess what? This is far from a fairy tale. It’s a legend, and legends don’t always have happy endings. Robin Hood didn’t, Theseus and the Minotaur didn’t; mind you, that’s a myth.

   You can’t hold it in any longer, the tears free fall down and hit the grimy stone floor beneath you. Your arms lose all their strength as you hang limply from the wall, chains tugging at your tires limbs to keep them above your head. All the strength sucked out of your body, the pain slowly killing you as you try to stay strong. Link would’ve come by now… Darkness has won, Hyrule has fallen to the brink of despair and all you can do is be held prisoner by a great evil who takes the form of your beloved. That’s what you are; a helpless, pitiful girl who can’t fight or do anything useful for her kingdom. No wonder Link would choose Princess Zelda. Maybe he only dated you because he felt sorry for you. That sounds right. Link’s big heart didn’t want you to be lonely so he swept you off your feet into a fake love. Of course. How could you be so stupid.

   “May-maybe… I sh-should be-become Dark’s que- No! Never! Even if he doesn’t love me back, I will never betray Link!” You shout as loud as you can, coping with all the pain coursing  through your veins and into your heart. You’re both heartbroken and in pain. Why do the goddesses torment you like this? When you thought you had a chance… When you thought life would be better… This happened. Link, the Hero of Time, the perfect human, you fell for him. You fell in love with a hero, and this is what happened. After this, how can you ever face him again? You know you have to let go and accept your fate, but your heart tells different. You still love Link, you still believe in him, and as long as you do, you will never lose faith in him and never betray him. Who cares if he’s a hero or not? Who cares if he can have a princess? The point is, he chose you. When he could have had any girl he wanted, he chose you! And you love him! Even if you stay in a cell the rest of your life, it shouldn’t matter. Knowing you have his love is enough. 

 ▲ ▲

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
La La (La La)
La La (La La)
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
La La (La La)

 ▲ ▲

     Link and Navi find themselves spinning in a purple swirl, the ball holding your image having vanished to make this cloud surrounding them.
   “Hey! Listen!” Navi calls.
   “What is it, Navi?” The curious green clad hero asks.
   “This is gonna take us to (Name), right?”
   “It’s gotta.”
   “Link, it could be a trap from your shadow, you never know,” the fairy replies, darting back and forth within their small space. The spinning abruptly stops and the clouds vanish. Link not believing what he sees through his cerulean orbs.  


 ▲ ▲
Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound...

 ▲ ▲

   “(Name)!” Link shouts. You weakly look up, tears of you falling from your eyes as you see the person you love more than anyone in the whole world right before your eyes.
   “Link…” You smile at him. He runs to you, Navi lighting up the room to make it easier for him to un-chain you. You fall to the ground, Link catching you in his arms.
   “You came for me…” You whisper.
    “Of course I did, I love you.”

 ▲ ▲
Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh oh oh
 ▲ ▲

   Darkness had won this round, you both know that well, but that doesn't matter. Why? Link knows, that as long as you are there, right in his arms at that exact moment in time, you’re both safe and sound…

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