Remember Me

A 21 year old meets someone who is not particularly human whom she finds a particular connection the first time she meets him. The feelings are felt both ways, but little after their first kiss, she is able to see strange people following others. Little did she know, she is able to see the grim reapers that are following people to their destined death. She tells her close friend, Monica about it, to which she thinks is crazy. She follows a destiny of death and life after having this ability. Good thing, he is there for her.

Author's note

This inspired by the Korean drama Series Black.

3. Uh Oh


             Maya is drunk after several bar and club hopping she has done with her friend. She could barely walk straight, yet she loved to still pump to the music. She can no longer feel her feet. She then starts bumping into people as she looks for her friend. 'Where is she' she thought. The song I like it, by Cardi blew through the entire club, getting people excited and pumped up to the dance floor.  Maya was one of them.  Without hesitation, she went to dance floor to twerk her heart out. She wanted to feel someone behind her, to grind on her, as she was completely feeling herself. She makes her way back to the bar and mid song and asks for another drink. She asks for a sex on the beach. The bartender then heads to make the fruity drink. As he set the drink in front of her, she hands him her card to pay for it. He asks her if she wanted to keep an open tab, but Maya says no. So after he charges her, she signs off a $2 tip and takes her card. She puts her lips around the straw and sucks it all at once before leaving the bar. She finishes it and leaves it on the counter. She walks away the bar feeling lightweight, but wanting to dance. She starts to dance alone until someone's hand started to slowly slide into her waist. She then begins to grind on his as her hand deliberately reaches for his neck, pulling his head to her shoulder. He begins to kiss her neck, poking it with his tongue. She liked it. His hands snaked down to her thighs and starts rubbing the inner part of her thighs. She quickly turns around and plasters her lips onto him, not knowing who he was. He pulls her closer as his tongue lightly taps her lips asking for permission. Shen opens her mouth and began making out with him. She grabs his face as he holds onto her waist. Three minutes later,  she felt something hard against her dress and opens her eyes. She froze in place as she realizes who it was that she was making out with.

She quickly steps away. He opens his eyes confused, blinking uncontrollably as he realized who was standing right in front of him. Things got way too awkward, especially for Maya. She quickly makes her way out of the dance floor and asks for a shot of straight vodka at the bar. She goes for another and pays for it. She felt furious about what just happened and as she was reminiscing the moment she caught him on top of a girls naked body as they both moaned. She did not realize that a tall handsome Korean man sat right beside her dressed in all black. His half moon eyes halfway closed with his thick, but well groomed eyebrows furrowed in distress. He was thinking about his life. Why did he die young? Why doesn't he feel happy? His hair was covering his forehead. He orders another shot and takes it in one go. He turns to Maya and takes a quick glance at her. He then orders another shot. Maya notices how handsome he is with his slanted eyes and strong jawline. She wants to start a conversation with him. She sees that he is sad, but is in this loud place. 

            “So what is wrong?”  she slurs out. He sat there and kept looking at his shot in front of him. She thought that maybe she wasn't loud enough and moves closer to him. He notices and just took the shot.

             “are you okay?” He waved at the bartender and signaled for another. He poured another shot for him. He took it and shot it down without making any faces. He must be drunk too. She downed her shot as well and asks for another one. She patted him on his back, as if she truly understood his sadness. I got up from the stool and hugged him. He hugged her back. Little did she know that his sister passed away last week. Although it was not his life, but someone else's, he lived with them for quite a few years and grew to like them a lot. Even just like a family.

            “Lets get out of here” She slurred her words trying to stand next to him as still as possible. He did not hate the idea of having company so he nodded. Both got their cards back from their bartender. Both were intoxicated, Mia grabbed onto his elbow to have some sort of support. Even though he was drunk as well, he kept himself from falling down with  Mia. She pulls out her phone and opens up her Uber app. “Do you go to my house?” She asks as they both helped each other to walk on the side walk. Both wasted, she requested a ride. We waited for 5 minutes. As soon as it got here, they both got in the car. She closes her eyes and lays her head onto his shoulder. He looks at her wondering this odd feeling he felt looking at her. As if they knew each other long ago. His once dead heart, gave an odd heartbeat. that beat of finding someone. Everything was still a blur for him as they sat in the car ride on the way to her apartment.  The car stops in front of the apartment complex. He starts tapping her arm only to be slapped away. After the third tap, he whispered in her ear to wake up.  She slowly opens her eyes and saw that they are in front of her apartment building. She got the key out of her boob as they got out of the car. The car leaves and disappears into darkness and they are left standing. They stand and stare awkwardly. She leads him to the stairs and stares at them. She does not know how they will be able to go up to the third floor. He suggests resting on the steps midway. She agreed and starts giggling as she gets a better look at how handsome he looks. 

            “My sister just died. ” silence followed. She does not know what to say. Should she say sorry? She does not think of her actions, so she immediately gets up, losing her balance due to her intoxication. He pauses time and grabs her waist pulling her to his lap, starting the time again. He was quick to respond and grabbed her still body that was about to fall down the stairs sitting her on his lap. Her heart races as she stares into his eyes. Little did she know that he stopped time to prevent her from falling all the way down and get hurt. 

           “Would it be too corny if I said that I instantly fell for you?” He smiles at her odd joke. 


She pushes him against the wall and starts unbuttoning his black dress shirt as he unbuttons her jeans. The heat of the moment is making their hearts race, that even her inside of her vagina was thumping. He was not behind either as his member was getting hard rubbing against her crotch.  She finishes unbuttoning his shirt and follows with his jeans immediately never for a moment stopping from passionately making out. He lifts her shirt up, taking it off her body. They both were standing in their undergarments and knew there was no stopping now. They looked up and down quietly admiring each other. Without another second, he picks her up, as her legs wrap around his waist. He reaches the mattress and lays her slowly as he gets on top. His thick lips trailed from my lips to my neck and down to one of my breasts. His hands wasted no time and unhooked her bra and took it off. Her breasts perked to the side, nipples hard with the arousal. I couldn’t stop staring at his lips.  He then lifts her with one hand pulling her against his bare chest to feel him. It was a very intimate moment of vulnerability from both. As if they brought their souls to the table exposing their true selves.


“I want you” She whispers into his ear, arousing her even more. She grabs his face and emerged deeply into his eyes. 






LOL I was debating on whether or not I was to include this on this chapter. I won't keep it so PG-13 next time.maybe.

This is the male visual for the Male Asian character


Pretty sure yall thought it was nasty. hahahahha. I promise that it will happen, just give it time.



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