My name is addy my older brother is Ashton. What happens when all if his band mates are crushing on me. Will Ashton approve or not...


1. protective much


Adeline's POV.

I was sitting in my room, bored as hell! Until Ashton yelled out "Get your lazy but here Ad!" I let out a small groan then got out of my bed and went downstairs.

" About time!" Ashton said " sorry! I was just er.. doing homework ?" He gave an eyebrow raise, but then left the room and into the kitchen. "I made your favorite! Homemade pizza!" "Omg! Thanks bro!" I said giving him a super duper tight hug. I know I was mad at him but i couldn't be mad for some pizza. I got two cans of Pepsi into the living room and on to the table, while Ashton got the pizzas. GOD BLESS PIZZA!! We sat down enjoying our food while watching T.V. "So is it alright that the boys come over?" Ashton asked "Mhm, of course I don't mind" I replied while taking another bite of my pizza. "I'll call them to come over! Oh and try not to act weird!" Ashton said with a glance and walking out and grabbing his phone dialing the guys up.

Omg I am so nervous, all the guys are sweet and all but I feel like every single one of them like me.... I know it seems weird but it's true...

- Five minutes later-

I got dressed in a casual outfit, skinny jeans, with a crop top that says RAWR! Straightened hair with a Grey beanie I grab my shoes black vans When All of a sudden the door bell rings. I run to answer it but Ashton pushes me out of the way. I was on the floor giving Ashton a dirty look getting up standing next to him.the first one who was at the door was Luke.Obviously cause he is a giraffe.Then there was Calum the beautiful tanned skin with amazing black hair. Then there was a guy with the blue and purple hair that was obviously Mikey. "HEEEAAAYYYYAAAH" Calum screamed jumping up and down.

" so what do u wanna do addy?" Luke asked me smirking.

" it's your choice guys." I said blushing.

" well if it's our choice we would love to go swimming. wait will u be wearing a bikini?" Mike said. Calum's eyes went wide.

"Nope she will wear something that's not revealing. Won't you Adeline?" Ashton glared.

" yes." I said looking down. I honestly hate when Ashton is that protective. I'm 16 and he treats me like I'm his baby.

" come on ash that's mean! You can't be mean to my addy boo!" Luke smiled and hugged me.

" thanks Lu bear!" I say kissing his cheek. Micheal and Calum had jealous expressions. Ashton looked pissed.

" can we talk in the other room for a minute Adeline?" Ashton said still glaring.

" um sure.." I said. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to another room.

" listen and listen well Ad. You will not and I repeat will not flirt with any of the guys. Or I swear I will never let you talk to any of them. Am I clear?" Ashton said and inch away from me.Still glaring.

" yes " I said annoyed.

" don't give me sass!" He warned.

" ASHTON! I CANT TAKE YOU ANYMORE! STOP! YOU ALWAYS TREAT ME LIKE IM 5 WHAT NEXT ARE U GANNA PUT ME IN TIME OUT!?!!" I screamed. I never really argue or raise my voice with Ashton but he was really getting on my last nerve.

" well if I must I will." Ashton said grabbing my ear and placing me in the corner.

I got up and stormed out of the house. Luke ran after me. And held my hand.

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