Cover Wonderland |OPEN|

My covers! And stuff. I DO believe in the power of stuff!


1. 1. Introduction

Well, hi!

So, this is me opening a cover store. Shocking, I know. I'm never gonna be as good as some others, but I may as well give it a shot while I have some free time. So, here goes!


To order, please fill in de form:-

Quote (optional):

Well, that's about it...



1. If you're not going to bother writing the story, please don't bother. Before ordering, please have already written at least one chapter/prologue.
2. Nothing to do with 5SOS/1D/JB please!
3. Please be patient. It may be school holidays now, but I won't always have time to do covers. So if you'll wait patiently, I'll get around to it! If you're going to be IMpatient and are gonna keep bugging me, kindly wait or go to another cover store.


If you want some examples of the recent covers I've made, ask and I'll put them up! Otherwise, go to 'Banner Wonderland' and look there. Arigato! ;)

Well, ask away! ;)

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