Second Chance

How could she not be here, with me? It was impossible. Yet the only thing I could remember was her voice on the phone.

And as I looked up I saw her.


1. The Call

I took my left hand off the steering wheel to ring my boyfriend. God, let him pick up the phone. The dial went off. Once, twice. He finally picked up.

"What do you want Hannah?" he asked, angry. He was angry at me. All I saw was his face, scrunched up. It didn't suit him. He wasn't that type of guy. The type who held grudges. Yet I knew he would hold this one. I understood. But I needed to apologize.
"Toby, I'm sorry," I pleaded, "You weren't meant to find out like this." The car was racing, I was over the speed limit. But I needed to get back to him.

"I wasn't meant to find out at all, Hannah!" He whisper-yelled. He was watching his brother, Hayden. I could tell because he was never this quiet.

"No, baby, I would have told you I swear," I told him. "I know I treated you wrong, but I swear I'll be better." I believed it.If I could take it back I would, I wanted to yell. Tears fell down my face.
"I don't believe you," he said, this time a sweet, sad whisper. It was like he was in mourning. That's when I realized we would never get back together.
 I knew what I had done wasn't fair. I knew he would get upset. I knew we would never be the same. But I didn't think it would end us.

"I love you,Toby," I whispered back. Tell me you love me too! But he didn't. He sat on the other end of the line for what seemed like forever.

"What are you doing?" Toby asked, concerned. That's what I loved about Toby. He always saw the bigger picture. 

"Driving," I told him, wiping my eyes.

"What the hell, Hannah? Are you stupid? Get out-"

I never got a chance to hear what he last said. 



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