life as Grim

What is life living as grim?
Well let me tell you its not so exciting. GRIM LOGIC

����Just a short for your info.����


1. ~ 1 ~

    Let's get one thing straight, I'm death or The Grim Reaper. I know it's an up close to me and my life, well I don't have a life but you get the idea. Just so you know I'm not being paid to do this, so be thankful. Also anyone you know that is on my list don't tell them because that would ruin the fun. Okay back on task, It's pretty much the same thing everyday-I get a list of names of the lives I have to take and do the job, no questions asked just do it.


Grims favorite place to take lives are frat parties, concerts, and highways (Texting, They'll never learn) 

The human impersonations of me are hilarious. Don't look at me as a person who can take over another person's body like in Joe Black. No I'M NOT BRAD PITT, get the facts right, but I thought it was an okay movie yet stupid, also I can make them see me as a person but I can't turn my body into that person they'll be able to see me that way. 

    I'm actually a skeleton with a black cloak and a scythe, yes I'm that fabulous, and yes that is the typical description of me, but I have other cool things too such as my cool motorcycle from hell (gift from Satan, it's like a Harley Davidson but with bones all over it), I also have a shadow wolf but he is currently down in hell with Lucifer (whose turn was to pet sit today) his name is Grudge and he is the size of a horse I can sometimes ride him instead of my motorcycle, I also have magical orbs that open portals to wherever I want to go, and I have many other stuff but that doesn't matter right now.  

Right back on track, let me tell you about me. I hang out with Satan and Lucifer, and once in awhile I visit Jesus. Yeah he tells me all about his life and how he sacrificed himself, it's really interesting... note the sarcasm.

WELL, when I hang out with Satan and Lucifer we are either running around naked in the castle while being chased by Naberius and a couple of shadow wolves. (It's lots of fun)

I mean who wouldn't want to be chased around naked. Just feel the breeze on lee buns. *smirks*

We also hang out like any other human hangs out with their friends. We watch movies, go swimming in the fire pits, run around the river of eternal suffrage, play pitchforks and torches, hang out in the demon social media (Hellgram, EvilBooK), etc. There's more but I'm to lazy to explain, hehe. 



JK. I still have to share a whole bunch but that will be shared later on PEACE V






Yay chapter one edited- sort of- and completed. ~ Native


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