Jessibelle Ports wasn't the prettiest or the most popular. She was someone that you would call a 'nerd'. She was smart and kind, but never fit in. She never knew her parents and has lived with her awful Aunt Christieve since she was born. Now Jessibelle finds out a secret that know one would have guessed. She finds out people have been trying to chase her down. They want to kill her because she is a Lighter.


1. Another Day

"Jessibelle, why are you wearing garbage bags, you do know those aren't clothes right!" Said a familiar snotty voice.

Jessibelle turned her head slightly to see the devilish smirk of Amber Moore, the most popular girl in school. Amber today was wearing a sheep skin headband, purple Uggs, A lavender colored leather jacket with a One Direction t-shirt underneath, some black leggings, and and a mink fur backpack. Her long blonde hair was sitting on her shoulder in a neat fishtail braid and it seemed she had caked her face in make-up before she left her house, also she had shiny green eyes that can burn a hole in your skull if she looks at you to long.

"What are you looking at creep?" Amber asked Jessibelle. "Did you even bother doing your hair?" She asks. "What a LOSER" She whispers to the girls around her as she makes the loser sign on her forehead. They nod in agreement.

"Oh, sorry I don't take the time to cake my face in make-up and skin four animals for my outfit before I left my house." Jessibelle throws back. "Oh, and weren't your eyes brown yesterday, I didn't realize that peoples eyes change color every day" She says sarcastically. "Sorry, not sorry" She says before she turns her head and hurries off to class

Jessibelle was walking to class when she started thinking about what Amber said.

She was wearing a baggy green Notre Dame Basketball sweatshirt and some faded skinny jeans.Her tangled black hair was in a messy bun, and she had in a green stretchy Under Armour headband. She had on white converse that have flowers on them that she drew on during math class. Her glasses may have been sort of crooked, but nothing to noticeable.

'How did she look like she was wearing garbage bags' she thought.

She walked into class and sat down.

The day dragged on and on. Then finally ended. Jessibelle walked home and opened the door. 

"I'm home" Jessibelle shouted to her Aunt Christieve.

Aunt Christieve was a plump woman. She has greasy hair that she is always dyeing different colors. Jessibelle thinks she doesn't shower, because she smells really bad. She has two dogs, Bossy and Sassy, who hate Jessibelle .Aunt Christieve has never really liked Jessibelle, but she never knew why. Jessibelle came into Aunt Christieve's life when she was 4 months old and her parents died in a plane crash.

The dogs came running out to greet who came inside, but they stopped when they saw Jessibelle and started to bark.

'This is going to be a long evening' Jessibelle thought.






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