Never give up!

Young Hazel Black has grown up in the depths of the forest alone with her older brother Ash. One day, Ash was-some may describe-eaten by the Earth. In the age when humans are invaded by aliens, Hazel must find her brother and somehow stay alive.


2. The Hidden

It felt as though days turned into months turned into years and Hazel slowly watched this story unravel. Lost and broken, Hazel gave any drop of energy to cry and break down instead of finding her brother. The sky had now turned yellow which was strewn with silver dots that resembled the stereotypical spaceship many might imagine. Surprisingly, Hazel wasn't troubled by this, but by the fact that the earth had betrayed her. Despicable! Despite her growing anger towards the earth, Hazel collected vines and leaves to support her broken wrist. 

All of a sudden, a silhouette emerged from the trees swiftly. Instinctively, Hazel ran. Her legs didn't stop running no matter what Mother Nature of the mysterious silhouette threw at her: she tripped over a log and did a forwards summersault to dodge any slowing down, she was almost grabbed by the mystery figure but she elbows them square in the face, and rapid flashes of lightning encircled her but never once hit her.

Hazel's breath quickened as she had ran for miles upon miles to escape her unknown fate. However, she knew they were getting closer and the food steps got louder and faster. The mystery silhouette soon caught up with her and tackled her right to the ground. She landed in a clearing where there was lots of mud, drenched and stuck in a pin position. Hazel looks up and it's a man. He had the palest skin, blood-red snake eyes and a venomous smile. Hazel feel his boney fingers run across her neck, tightening ever so slightly, trying to fill her with fear. 

Finally, he said as slowly as a snail, "'Ello cousin of mine..."

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