The fault in our stars ( Muke AU)

Little did Michael know. That a pair of electric blue eyes would be the reason for his breath.


1. Therapy

Michael's POV


 1095 days ago. I was diagnosed with Lung cancer. Don't feel bad. I don't care. I stopped caring for awhile now. I didn't want to do treatment if I was gonna die anyways. There is no way out of this. Everyone had gave up on me so I did too. I was quarter back for my High schools football team. The best they ever had. At a game I had lost control of my breathing and felt like there was something in my lungs like water weighing me down. In the middle of the game I was flipping around on the ground like a fish out of water. Screaming for air. That's when I found out I had cancer


The bell rang as I sat in the school parking lot. I slid out of my black Chevy and grabbed my brown bag. I took in a deep fresh of air. It was raining. Hard. It had been for a week. I walked up the school steps and entered the hall. I went to my class sitting near the back. I didn't care for math, Same old shit but a different day. I searched around the class looking at everyone's face. I came across A pair of Electric blue eyes met mine. Quite stunning he was. I didn't know him. I've seen him around sometimes though. Mostly in the Nurses office. He sat in there at lunch and sometimes during PE. He focused back on the teacher copying the notes swiftly. I continued to look at him, gorgeous hair and a cute nose. He bit down on his lip stiffening up. Damn he was so beautiful, I bet his voice is just a beautiful as him. I thought to myself. What was I thinking? Him, no no he was a fuck boy. Probably the top notch in the school. I looked away trying to focus on the board. I couldn't. That damn lip bite. I needed to stop. He was such a pretty boy, probably had all the girls and nothing to worry about.


**Third person**

Little did Michael know that Those pair of blue eyes were the only things keeping him alive.


**Michaels POV**


I stepped out of the school building and sat in my car. The day was long. I kept thinking about him. He was just so gorgeous. I saw him walk by my car and into his own. His legs were beyond gorgeous. He turned his head slightly and smiled exposing his dimples. Damn. My phone rang interrupting my thoughts. The text read:


From: Life Provider

I won't be home til later take your medication cx


I ignored the text and drove off. It was no surprise that. She wasn't gonna be home. I pulled up in front of the gas station to get some more gas. I sighed, this is where all those stupid jocks and sluts hung out. I walked into the stores hearing a muffled laughs and whispers about me. I tried not to let it get it to me. I walked in and paid and walked back out to my car. "Oh look it's the kid who looks like a 64 year old man with cancer! Better shave off all of that hair before It does." One of them spat . "Fuck off" I replied walking normal pace. Before I knew it I was pushed up against my car. "What did you say to me you little bitch" the brown haired boy said. "Fuck. Off." I said gritted into my teeth. He punched me in my lower half stomach and I winced in pain. I looked over his shoulder to see the blonde blue eyed boy stoping and staring through the store window. I shoved the jock off of me and ran into my car. The jock walked off mumbling," stupid dumb bitch I hope the cancer kills you." I shook my head at the thoughts running through my mind.

I turned my music up louder so I couldn't feel a thing. Tears streamed down my face before I knew it. My eyes became watery and hard to see the road. I pulled my car to a stop, and got out. "God fuck why me? Why?" I yelled pulling my hair. I kicked the side of my car in anger. I ran . I was only a few blocks away from home. I raced up to the door running inside. The tears flowed from my face. I hated this I hate it. I ran into my bedroom sobbing. Do it Michael do it. No ones gonna care. I searched threw my drawers for something sharp. I grabbed my broke razor. I couldn't control myself. One after another. I screamed louder in agony. "I'm so fucking tired." I yelled at myself. I'm just a piece of shit. I kept repeating. "You did this to me!" I yelled again. I felt insane. Deeper Michael, deeper. A voice in my head rang. So I did. I watched the blood stream out of my arm. I threw my razor blade across the room screaming about what I had done to myself. I felt more weak. I cried and screamed but nothing came out. Soon darkness fell in.


~ Hours Later ~

"Michael ? " a familiar voice said cupping my cheek. "Please baby, wake up" it said again. I popped open an eye to see my mom sitting at the edge of my bed. "Hey you fell asleep, I came home early and brought you your favorite.. How are you feeling." I nodded not really paying any real attention towards her. I looked towards the shiny silver razor blade across my room. She followed my gaze and gasped. She grabbed my arm and quickly I snatched it away. "Michael Gordon Clifford! Why?!" She said raising her voice as it cracked. I looked away rolling my sleeves down. She got up and walked out,"dinners on the table." She said faintly. I felt tears streaming down my face again. No don't cry. You did this to yourself. I thought to myself. I walked over to my bathroom and washed the blood off my hands and arm. The cut was deep, blood still came out,jut very little. I walked down the stairs and saw my favorite sitting on the table. Pizza. My mom was standing outside on the phone. I sat down trying to ease drop. "...yes I am willing to do anything to help my son,...yes a therapy group tonight at 8:30? At willow ends?" I looked at the clock that red 8. No she wasn't going to do this for me, I'm not crazy. She walked in interrupting my thoughts again. We sat in silence eating. "Michael..I know you aren't going to be up for this idea but I want you to go to this thing tonight at 8:30.." She said trailing off. "Therapy? Yah no. That's not going to happen." I said. Getting up. "Michael please just for one day they can help you with all of this she said standing up to get closer to me. "Mom-" I started "Don't mom me Michael I want you to go." She said interrupting. I nodded in response and headed outside. She walked outside and got I. Her car motioning me to follow. The rain poured hard still drowning out the music that was silently playing.


We pulled up to the Willow Ends. She gave me a warm smile and we got out and walked in. "Clifford." She said to the lady at the front desk. She nodded and handed a paper to my mom. It read "room 142 floor 3". We walked to the elevator and got in. We got to the top floor and found 142. She waved me goodbye as I walked in.


I sat down in the nearest seat searching everyone's faces. No one I knew here. "Hello everyone I'm Mr. Irwin. You can call me Ashton or ash if you like" he said exposing his dimples. He had a cute smile. He was handsome himself. After awhile everyone started to introduce themselves. The door opened making a loud sound. There he was. He sat down across from me. He looked down at his feet not daring to Make eye contact. Everyone continued to introduce themselves and talk about there feelings or problems. The circle came to me. I panicked. "Uhm hi I'm Michael..." I said trailing off. His eyes shot up to meet my gaze. I felt a massive mount of pain hit my stomach. Earlier the memories hit me from earlier. "Stupid cancer kid. I hope it kills you." Said the jocks voice in my head. I started to panick more shaking while everyone looked at me crazy. I felt my lungs drown out the air. I quickly stood up and ran out every eye following me. I felt the tears run down my face as I ran down the stairs avoiding the people. I felt my lungs collapsing. I ran past the lady in the desk and out in the cold. I slammed my fist into the wall I. Anger letting my thoughts consume my mind. "Stop it! Stop it" I screamed again. A breeze wept my face and I slid down the wall resting on it. I popped my head phones in and played my music. "I'm such a mess" I mumbled to myself. "No you're not" I heard a husky voice say.

I opened my eye and took out my earphone in shock. There stood the tall blonde with electric blue eyes. "Wha?" I said trying to sound clear. He sat down to get close to my level. "I said your not a mess" he said his voice in a thick accent. I shivered at his words. "Oh" I mumbled. He grinned exposing his dimples. "I'm Luke."


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