There's this girl in the mirror, I wonder who she is. Sometimes I think I know her, sometimes I wish I did. There is a story in her eyes. I can tell she is hurt inside. The girl in the mirror only wants to be me, but the last thing I need is for her to be free.


1. Bloody Reflection.

                                          I heard a loud banging and sat straight up. I noticed my room was rather cold despite the heater being on. Something wasn’t right. Something in this room was giving me eerie feelings. Nevertheless, I rolled back the covers and checked my alarm. It was a little after midnight. The water dripping out from the sin was driving me nuts. I placed my barefoot onto the floor boards and walked up to the bathroom only to find that the dripping was not from my bathroom.

                       I probably must have hallucinated about the noise so I tried to brush my thoughts away. I tip-toed through the desolate hallway. Everything was quiescent and mother was probably in her room sleeping. Benji must have been curled up in Tyler’s room.

                       I missed Tyler. If he were here then I would probably go to his room and have one of our sibling talks, but he wasn’t here. He had gone off to Yale’s University two months ago and I haven’t heard of him since.

                       I climbed down the stairs even though my gut was telling me something here was terribly and utterly wrong. Maybe I was just a bit paranoid. Nothing ever happens in Pennsylvania regardless of those stories about ghosts and vampires and legends of this place.

                       The lightning flashed and the thunder roared loudly echoing across the dark sky. I chuckled at myself. I needed myself to get more sleep after all I had an important maths exam today.

                        Walking through the drawing room to the kitchen, I pulled the refrigerator handle and got my orange juice carton out. I drank a few gulps of it. I shrugged the carton before putting it back in. It looks like mother has to do a bit of shopping tomorrow. Closing the door behind me, I scooted quickly towards the bathroom. I took in my reflection in the mirror. My hair was all over my face.

                        I bent to wash my face but my vibe returned. Something is wrong. As the water dripped of my face, I glanced up again at the mirror and there was I grinning like an idiot. But.....but my face instantly turned red and burst into a pool of blood. My heart skipped a beat, maybe a few more. My instant reaction was to touch my face, but there was no blood on mine. This is crazy, hell, this is scary!

                   I backed away as my reflection placed her bloody right hand on the glass while the lines of blood trailed down her palms. Her smile never fading but her eyes burning a hole into my very sole.

                   Her lips moved but I heard the words inside my head, “So, you are safe here, huh? Is Pennsylvania really safe for you now? Is this house safe?”

                   Bolting out of the bathroom, I dart up to my bed, sheets covering my body from head to toe. My thoughts raced almost as fast as my heart.

                    I flopped down and began chanting,” Hey Jessie, calm down. It’s just a dream. It is only-one-dream. ONLY ONE DREAM!


              With that I fell asleep.         


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So,this is my first chapter of my very first story on movellas. Tell me how it is. Did you get the goosebumps yet? Not yet? hmm wait a few chaps. and i am sure you will get them. If you like my story then please comment and also follow me for updates of this story.Will you help me and review my story? Tell if i make grammer mistakes because english is not my first language.

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