I'm Back! Sorry guys:(

Hello, I am back! It's been over a year so I decided to say hi XD


1. Libby, where have you been?


okay hello movellas:3



I realise its been a year or two, I'm eternally sorry for abandoning you all...

As you can tell my grammar, speech and covers have improved critically (trust me I'm 10x more relived than you)

I'm usually on wattpad now:( (lyricalsunshine is you were wondering)

I decided I Would say hi considering that Zayns left 1D (*sadface*) and he's in 99.9% of my fanfics oh.

I have made better (by far) books on wattpad so go ahead and check those out because, I'm hoping, you will enjoy them :) also I've finally decided to share some of my social life with you, I bet you've never heard my name but yes, in the chapter name, I am Libby. Horrible name ikkkkk but it's better than my real name, Elizabeth, omg ew. But anyways, my Twitter is @http_wibs and I follow back 100% but my personal account is @InstaBitchX so go ahead and follow me there and there for my uneventful life. Also I have Instagram now bc im pretty cool @libbybootth. Sometime I will shoutout my snapchat.

I logged in after ages today and saw my fanfic are still getting views! Honestly I know there's not a lot but to think 1,000 people have seen my fanfictions it's amazing, my writing was so bad so if you want some grammatically correct reads then head over to my wattpad which is once again, lyricalsunshine. You probably don't give a shit but I'm British and I love Nirvana and The 1975:)





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