The Potter Twins and the Philosopher's Stone

When James and Lily Potter are murdered one fateful Halloween night by Lord Voldemort, their twin infants, Harry and Aralynn, are separated by the magical Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Aralynn is sent to stay with the magical Weasley family, where she will be raised as one of their own, and blend in perfectly well because of her red hair matching the rest of the family's. Harry is sent to stay with his maternal aunt and uncle: the Dursleys; a completely ordinary family with no special abilities to speak of. When they both receive their acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they become close friends with no knowledge of their relation. However, when things at Hogwarts start to get a little spooky, the stories of their lives do, as well.


1. The Twins Who Lived

It was a peaceful Halloween night in the countryside of Devon, England until a loud rumbling from the skies woke the grounded men and women in the villages below. They stumbled in an exhausted stupor to peer towards the clouds with their sleep-glazed eyes. However, when nothing was to be seen, and the motor-like growl faded from their ears, they dawdled back to their bedrooms and returned to the conscious-stealing warmth of their beds. The growl came again, but now overhead a different village in a different area of Devon, and the cycle of lethargic feet exiting their homes to discover the source of the noise was repeated.

Elevated many feet in the atmosphere, there was a large, bearded man riding a powder-blue motorcycle through the sky. Both the man and the levitating vehicle were hidden away from the view of men and women below, by the clouds that hung lazily in the sky. The man burst through the puffs, to a clear section in the sky, with no fear of being spotted, as there was nothing below but rolling hills of green. Attached to the motorcycle, there was a small cart being used as a makeshift passenger's seat. Nestled inside of the cart were two blanketed bundles. The large man operating the vehicle leaned over the side to gaze down at two sleeping faces of infant twins. Each infant had tufts of hair poking out from their blankets—one with black hair, and the other with red. Each of these infants, however, sported an identical lightning bolt-shaped scar above their right eyebrow. The man was visibly relieved to see that, unlike the villagers; the infants had not been disrupted by the frightening guttural sound of his motorcycle, but rather lulled by it.

As the vehicle descended towards the ground, it began to sputter and groan in protest, but this did not seem to bother, nor alarm, the driver. The wheels hit against the ground with a great thud that rocked the entire structure. Now safely grounded; the man directed his motorcycle to drive past a wooden sign painted white with an overlaying layer of scrawled handwriting, which read 'THE BURROW'. After several moments of driving through farm-like fields and dirt roads, the vehicle squealed to a stop just a few feet from a home that looked unstable. It was grubby and tall with several tilting towers, and it almost looked as if the structure had been manually enlarged from its once original, tiny state. The man stood from the motorcycle, revealing his massive height, and equally as massive width. He sported long, wild, waist-length brown hair and a long, scraggly beard that he could tuck into his belt. His eyes, as they peered through his goggles, were black and beady. He took exactly twelve large steps before reaching the door to the home.

He placed three heavy knocks upon the moaning wood, and moved his goggles to rest upon his head while he awaited an answer. From the opposite side of the door, hands fumbled with the locks, then pried the heavy door open to reveal a short, plump woman with vicious red hair. She looked up to the man, not with trepidation, but with delight. "Hagrid!" her high-pitched voice squeaked. "How lovely it is to see you again. What brings you here on this very late, but lovely night?"

"Good evenin', Molly," greeted Rubeus Hagrid. "A very good evenin' at that," he said as he gave a solemn gaze to the indigo sky, "a very good evenin' full of frightful business. That's why I've come, ya see. Summat terrible has happened."

Molly Weasley furrowed her eyebrows up at him. "What is so frightful that it would bring you to my doorstep at half past midnight?"

Hagrid removed the goggles from his forehead, and fumbled with them nervously. "Dumbledore sent me," he began, then proceeded to lower his voice, "it's Lily an' James, Molly. They've—well—they've been murdered."

"Murdered?" Molly mocked incredulously. There was a sense of disbelief in her expression until it began to harden and sag with overwhelming sadness and grief. "Oh…" was all she could manage to say.

The bearded giant watched the woman with an equal amount of sadness in his eyes. The plump woman, near to tears, momentarily forgot the morose swelling in her chest when she noticed the cart attached to Hagrid's motorcycle. "What have you got there?"

"That's why Dumbledore sent me," he answered and turned his great body to look longingly at the cart.

Molly gave the cart a confused look before her expression was shrouded with shock and fear. "Lily and James had twins!" she cried. "Are they… gone, too?"

Hagrid shook his head several times. "That's why I've come. You-Know-Who tried to kill 'em, as well, but summat strange happened. When he tried to kill 'em, they ended up jus' fine. Lost all his power, though, yes he did. The kids were left with these funky lookin' cuts on their foreheads. I'm thinkin' they'll scar up real nice."

"How can that be?" the woman questioned, looking appalled, yet relieved, "no one has ever survived the Killing Curse."

"I know it, and Dumbledore does, too, but he can't seem ter wrap his head 'round it. Lily an' James left a note sayin' if anythin' were ter happen, that you an' Arthur be contacted. 'Suppose they knew somethin' was comin'… Dumbledore followed their note, and that's why I'm here. He wants you to take one of 'em in as your own."

"One of them," Molly reiterated. "Why would Dumbledore ever want them separated?"

"Can't say for meself, but I know he wants 'em separated. They're gonna be famous, we all know it, and he doesn't want 'em 'round that life. He thinks it's best if they grow up not knowin' each other, and not knowin' about what happened tonight!" Hagrid answered, "but I know that's what he's doin' and we gotta trust his judgment."

"Yes, of course," Molly agreed quietly. "What will happen to the other? Every man, woman, and child in our world will know their names."

"One of 'em is goin' ter live with their aunt and uncle. The Dursleys—they're Muggles. That'll keep 'em nice and private, yes it will," Hagrid said as each corner of his beard perked up into a smile. "Whichever one yeh take in will need more protection. Dumbledore knows that yeh'll do a fine job."

"I'm so grateful for Albus's faith in me," Molly said to herself, before looking to Hagrid. "I'll gladly take one of them in, of course. I would take them both, if I could. What are their names?"

"Harry an' Aralynn," he said. "I'll get 'em both for yeh. You can choose whichever one yeh want," he said. With that, Rubeus Hagrid took twelve large strides back to the motorcycle, scooped both bundles of blankets into his arms, before returning to Molly at a more leisurely pace. He held out each of his arms to her to show her the children. "This one's Harry," he said and gestured to the blue and green bundle with his nose. "An' this one's Aralynn," he said as he gestured to the red and pink bundle. "Beautiful, aren't they?"

"Absolutely," said Molly, breathless. "They look so much like Lily and James."

"Harry looks like James, an' Aralynn looks like Lily. The red hair just brings it all together."

The woman let out a heavy sigh. "As much as I want to take them both, I will take Aralynn. If Dumbledore wishes for me to take one of them in as my own, it would be best to take her in. She could easily pass off as a Weasley."

Hagrid nodded a few times. "I s'pose I'll be takin' this little tyke here on down to Surrey," he said and smiled over to Molly. "I'll be seein' yeh soon, Aralynn," he told the baby, and gazed down at the red and pink bundle of blankets. The giant sniffled as tears rolled down his beard. "Be a good little girl."

The short and plump woman smiled up to the giant for a moment. "You'll see her in no time, I promise," she reassured and brushed some of her curly, red hair behind her ears. "You can always come around for tea, if you'd like, but if you want to remain distant; you'll be reunited when she starts her first year at Hogwarts."

"Best of luck to yeh both," said the man as he nodded and strode back over to his motorcycle.

"Have a good evening, Hagrid!" Molly called and waved him off as she backed into the Burrow and shut the door behind her. Soon enough, the roaring from the engine of Hagrid's motorcycle would once again wake the villagers.

Molly gently rocked the sleeping infant in her arms as she looked down at her with happiness glittering in her eyes. "You're such a pretty little thing," she said to her in a soft voice.

Footsteps began to descend the several flights of the stairs towering up into the Burrow. A tall, somewhat thin man with balding hair came down and looked at Molly before arching a red eyebrow at the bundle of blankets in her arms. "What's going on, Molly?" he asked.

"Hagrid stopped by," she answered, seeming mesmerized by the baby.

"From Hogwarts?" Arthur Weasley questioned as he peered out the window of the house. "What brought him here so late, and in the middle of the school year?"

Suddenly, Molly looked solemn. "Lily and James Potter are dead," she said and turned her head to look at him. "Dumbledore wanted us to take in one of their twins. I would have taken in both, if I could."

"You never go against the word of Albus Dumbledore," Arthur said and stood by Molly to look down at the baby, smiling sheepishly. "You took in their daughter. What is her name?" he asked as his fingers twirled around her tufts of red hair.

"Aralynn," Molly answered before she paused. "I remember Lily telling me about the twins. Harry's middle name is James, and Aralynn's is Nicole."

"It seems that she is going to fit in well with our family," Arthur said with a smile. "Her red hair works well with the rest of us."

"Oh, yes, of course it does," Molly agreed.

"We will have to tell Charlie, Bill, and Percy. Fred and George are still too small to understand," he said as his attention was drawn to the stairwell by the cries of the newborn Ginevra Weasley.

Molly handed Aralynn to Arthur and went up the stairs as quickly as her legs would allow. "Of course Ronald and Ginny are never going to figure out the difference," he said down to the sleeping bundle with a smile on his face. "Not until we're ready. I will do everything I can to keep you safe, Aralynn. I hope you realize that someday."

From the middle section of the Burrow, Molly's soothing voice could be heard as she tried to coax Ginny back into sleep. Arthur began to move up the stairs cautiously with the bundle in his arms. "I will protect you from the fame, and anyone who dares to hurt you."

Molly and Arthur met one another outside of Ginny's room and together they looked down at the baby. "Is Ginny alright?" he asked.

"Yes, she is. Had a nightmare, I presume, but I got her to go back to sleep rather easily. Where will Aralynn sleep?"

"She can sleep in Ron's room with him. They'll have to be passed off as twins. I'll get her one of Fred and George's old cribs," Arthur said and he laid the baby down in Molly's arms, and then disappeared down the stairs.

The plump woman traveled up several more flights of stairs, soon reaching the top of the Burrow, and entered a very orange room plastered with posters of the Quidditch team known as the 'Chudley Cannons'. In a crib that was painted white, lay an infant boy with his little blankets pulled up to the bottom of his ears, with the top of his head with his fuzzy red hair sticking out. Molly smiled over to the sleeping boy as she rocked Aralynn in her arms.

Arthur soon came into Ronald's bedroom with an old crib and mattress to fit. He set them down, set the mattress firmly along the structure, then took the sleeping girl from his wife's arms. He lay her down on the mattress, and adjusted her blanket to be wrapped around her more tightly.

Together, Molly and Arthur Weasley gaped down at the eighth addition to the Weasley children. "Do you think we can shield her from the fame?" the woman asked her husband.

"I do," Arthur answered and brushed his fingertips along the infant's cheek. "She will one day discover what is lying ahead of her."

On that fateful night, Aralynn Nicole Potter became Aralynn Nicole Weasley, and her life transformed forever. No one could tell what was going to become of the Twins Who Lived. The struggles, the pain, the love, and sacrifice lying ahead of them, to be hushed away until the time came for the truth to be revealed.

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