It just wasn't meant to be...

Because maybe I'm afraid to tell you how much I miss you being around. That summer changed us, and I don't know if I can handle being hurt anymore..


1. Chapter 1


"Push higher Luke! Higher pleasee!" I screamed while holding tight on to the swing. Luke began to push me higher on the swing. Liz laughed, "Come on kids, time to have your snack!" "But mom, we're trying to reach for the sky, just 1 more minute pleaseee?" Luke whined. "Luke, you can reach for the sky tomorrow, come and eat." I slowly stopped swinging and jumped off. "Come on Luke, let's go I'm hungry, I'll race you." I giggled, and began to ran. "Hey, that's not fair, I wasn't ready!" Luke yelled. "Well then hurry up!" I screamed back still running.

~Flashback Over~

The memories ran through my head again as I walked down the stairs. I shook my head, "MOM! I'm heading to school, I'll see you later!" I yelled while heading out the door, while grabbing my keys. "Okayy and be good, it's a new school year!" She yelled back.

I walk towards my car and drive all the way to school. Once I reached school I parked as close as I could get near the school. And as I got out, a car parked next to me, and a familiar face got out. As I realized who it was I started to walk away. "Wow, not even a hello?" he yelled. "Cut it Hemmings, don't you dare ruin my day." I stated, and before he could say anything else I walked away. As I got to my new locker I started putting my books away and I heard a familiar voice coming my way.

"OH MY GOD ABI MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Andrea screamed. "Clam down, you saw me 2 days ago." I laughed. "Truee. Anyways did you get your schedule yet?" She asked. "Nopee not yet, I was about to head down right now." I said as I shut my locker. "Oh, do you want me to come with you?" She asked. "No, it's alright, go find everyone else," I said as I started walking away.

I headed towards the cafeteria to pick up my schedule, and with my luck there's a huge line. "Shit, now I'm gonna be here forever." I groaned. "Clam down, it's only the first day of school." Luke stated. "What don't you understand about shut it?" I rolled my eyes. "That's not how you greet someone." He stated. "Can you just not talk to me." I was pretty annoyed. "Fine, whatever."

The warning bell rang signaling everyone to go to their first period class. "I should of came earlier." I mumbled. "Now, you're getting annoying." "Well, I didn't ask you to listen to me, alright? I just wanna get my schedule, get this day over with, and go home. None of what I just said involves you ruining my day." I stated. "I didn't want to see your face today either, so now turn around and shut the hell up and wait for your schedule quietly." Luke snapped back at me. I actually listened to what Luke said. "What an ass." "I heard that" "Good." I smiled to myself.

Right then the final bell rang. I was really annoyed. Eventually 10 minutes later I got my schedule. "God, how hard is it to hand a piece of paper to someone." I groaned. I checked my schedule.

Enlgish. I headed upstairs towards my class. Once I got there, my teacher told me to take an open seat. There were only 2 seats that were right next to each other, so I sat down. Right when I sat down, another person walked into the class, "Damnit." I mumbled. "Just take the open seat next to Abi." My teacher stated. "I guess you're stuck with me for the whole school year." Luke chuckled. "I hope not." I sighed. "This is going to be fun," He snickered.

As the teacher was talking Luke kept bothering me. "Why so serious Abiiii?" "I'm stuck with you as a partner for the whole year." "You know you love it." "I rather be ran over a car multiple times." I rolled my eyes. "How about you and me in a car and we do something multiple times." "Never talk to me like that." That was disgusting. "God, clam down, I was joking, what's up your ass?" "Just shut up." I rolled my eyes once again. Luke didn't reply, and I finally relaxed.


"The bell is about to ring, I hope you have a great day!" My teacher yells as the bell rings. Finally. I walked out of the class. Andrea caught up to me. "Abii can I have a ride today?" I nod. "So how are your classes?" She asks. "There actually pretty good except English, because of Hemmings." "You know, I never understood why you guys never liked each other." "I just don't like him. I hate him, and he hates me." I state. "And it will always be like that." I heard Luke say. We go into the car and I started to drive.

"Okay, dish why don't you like each other?" Andrea questions me. I get sort of nervous. "It's a story I'll tell you one day, just not today, I'm just really tired right now. Long story short. People changed.... we changed.." She just nodded and we drove the rest of the way home silently.

As soon as I got home I went to my room and jumped on my bed. I was slowly drifting off to sleep, until I heard a notification from my phone. *NEW FRIEND REQUEST, "LUKE HEMMINGS* "I can't even escape him on the internet" I mentally groan. I decided not to answer, so I shut off my phone and took a loong nap.

*2 hours later*

I finally wake up, and see that there is a new message from him. Like seriously? If I didn't accept your friend request what makes you think I want a message from you. As I was gonna close the message, Luke messages again.


Luke: Hey

I know you see this.

Abi: What do you want?

Luke: Dang girl, can't a guy just message anyone?

Abi: Oh a guy can. Just not you.

Luke: Accept my friend request

Abi: Nah, I think I'm good

Luke: Fine, I'll just bother you at school tmrw

Abi: Dw, I'm already expecting it

I rolled my eyes and closed the chat. "ABI I'M HOME!" My mom yells. "You're home 3 hours early?" I state while jogging down the stairs. "I know, I just wanted to have dinner and talk about your first day of school..." She mumbles the rest. "What?" "Luke." She says slowly. "Mom...." "What am I not allowed to ask?" I sighed, "I have English with him." "What ever happened to you two, you guys were best friends when you were little." She sighed.

"We were. Now we're not." "Why though?" "Life happens." I shrugged. "I still talk to his mom, she says Luke talks about you every now and then." "That's nice." I continued. "The people you think you knew become the biggest strangers in the end." "I just think you should just go and try to talk to him again."

"Mom do you hear yourself? You're telling your teenage girl to go talk to a boy?" "You know what I mean." "I'll think about it, but no promises." "That's good enough for me." She smiled at me. "I'll be in my room if you need me." I sigh, as I turned up and ran back up the stairs. I jumped on my bed once again and grabbed my phone. I closed my eyes and mumbled to myself, "Just do it already," and I finally accepted Luke's request.

"I hope I don't regret this."

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