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2. Interview with Victoria Cross

21 March 2015

Interview by: Tegan [@Tande]

Author Overview

Name: Victoria Cross

Age: 14

Member since: 29 October 2013

Stories: 6


Interview about 'Blood Lust - Fang Ripped Hearts'



First of all, how did you get the idea for Blood Lust - Fang Ripped Heart?

Um,'s almost like reality in school. You have your populars, the Queens and Kings of your school (The True) then everyone else who is considered "lower" than the Kings and Queens (the Outcasts) even though everyone is the same. So, I suppose the idea came to me based on the social class and social structure of school.


Who is your favourite character to write about in the story and why?

Now this, this is mean! I'd have to go for Samael. Although there is a lot of work to do on him and shocking plot twists, I feel as if I could give him more and delve into his past and personality more.


What chapter are you most proud of in the story and why?

The first one! It was the first bit I published of full writing and I based it off my English mock which got a good grade so I think that has to be my favourite chapter.


If you were placed into a situation in the book so far, which one would it be and how would you react to it?  

Situation? I haven't written so far but I can't speak on that yet, so, also, it would have to be Chapter One. There's fear, tension and where a friendship is formed with a small sense of trust, something everyone needs to do: Be nice and honest and trust people.


Finally, if this was made into a film, how do you think it might turn out? Who would your ideal cast be?

If it was a film, the directors would ruin it. Simple as, it happens with so many films: The Fault in our Stars, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games and so on and so forth. My ideal cast, um...
Electra - Isabelle Fuhrman
Samael - Daniel Radcliffe
Mercedes - Emma Watson
Tyler - Ansel Elgort


Thank you again to Victoria for allowing us to interview her.

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