The Author Interviews

Have you ever wanted to be interviewed about one of your own books, just like a published author? Do you want to receive more recognition for your hidden gems? Is there something about yourself that you would love to promote?

Welcome to The Author Interviews, the place were everyone can have their moment.


1. Introduction

Hello there, welcome to The Author Interviews! Here, we will be interviewing all different types of Movellians about themselves and their works.


If you are interested in being interviewed, please fill out the form below and either leave it in the comments section below.



Date Joined:

Movella you prefer to be interviews about:

Email address (optional):


If you do not have an email address or would prefer not to share it, your questions will be left as a post on your profile. Please specify whether you would prefer to receive your questions via email or a comment.


You have the right to miss out questions if you would prefer not to answer them.


When answering questions, it is best to answer them as well as you can. It is more interesting to read full answers than just short sentences!


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Tande at:



[4 April 15] We are no longer accepting forms for people requiring to be interviewed about fanfictions.

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