Go through the Darkness

This is a Harry Potter fan story. The female protagonist is self-created, and most characters in it appear in Harry Potter original books. The story starts in the most turbulent year -- Harry's seventh year, and the context provided is that in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The protagonist goes to Hogwarts in that year, and starts her journey in the magic world. In later years, she found out that both Severus Snape and Tom Riddle are still alive, and thus began her fascinating stories in this world. Her life is really full of amazing stories.


2. A letter with a huge shock

Five months later, Virginia received the first-ever computer in her new life: At her eleventh birthaday, she was pulled out of bed by Daddy into the hall. She knew she should have behaved in a way of ecstasy and excitement in facing this ‘antique’ , but when she glanced at it upside-down she found it hard to do so. Taking out the instruction menu, she wasn’t surprised to find that it was even inferior than handphones that are to appear several years later. Nevertheless, she had to admit that she felt solaced to have witnessed the antique stage of computer. It was her first time to see computers in such a state – in her memory of her last life, even the earliest computers she had used in cybercafes, though big as well, were a bit more advanced than this. At that time, cybercafes were settled in a ground-floor flat with two rows of computers inside. She remembered that at first she was intimidated at the idea of entering cybercafes and when she wanted to do so, she normally had pretended to be just passing by, surreptitiously putting her feet on the stairs leading up with her heart beating like mad. These memories again brought up her sorrow for a small while. ‘Gini?’, asked Dad, clearly puzzled by Virhinia’s reaction: Was it gladness or surprise? Virginia took a deep breath, turned back, and returned a perfect smile. Her light-red nosetip harmonized gently with her fair skin. All these seemed so lovely in Dad’s view that he pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead: ‘My dear little girl, nothing matters more than you being happy.’ Virginia’s tiny hands now tightly placed themselves on Dad’s sleeves, head burying in his waist with mouth up. She restrained the impulsion to say that owning such a dad was her happiest thing in the world and no present will ever find a match. The computer has been settled in Virginia’s bedroom. Mum turned her head and scoffed at the pair: ‘Kindly prepare for breakfast and don’t forget that we have to get ready to welcome Aunt Annie, dears.’ The pair broke up reluctantly. Twinkling their eyes towards each other, both made a peculiar grimace and then went to wash seperately. It was near noon. The family drove to the cottage in the field and welcomed Aunt Annie, whom, by seeing Virginia from far away, quickly rushed out and shouted: ‘Ohhh Gini! My little lovely Gini has grown so much! Come here!’ Virginia lost her head on this, not knowing whether she ought to run tiptoed and lung into outstretched arms of her aunt who, though having lived out half her life, still kept herself in constantly high spirits. Afterall, Virginia was not a kid of three or four years old anymore, and she consoled herself by telling herself that she was still young and lunging into a hug remained justifiable. Yet many years of departure had witnessed Virginia’s stretched body, and she strongly suspected whether Aunt would be able to lift her up. Above all, it was Virginia who hoisted herself up everytime before. Aunt Annie, as nicknamed by everybody, being the sister of Virginia’s grandmother who has already passed away, is a lovely old lady. Actually, calling her an old lady always seems odd, partly because Aunt Annie possesses quite a different personality from Virginia’s grandmother. Annie enjoys playing and loves travelling. She wears a face that looks merely forty. It is said that foreign ladies grow old rapidly and in this case, judging from either her appearance or her spirit, Aunt Annie has been clearly segregated from her age. Her skin is soomth and tight, and only by laughing can the crow’s feet near her eye corners can be noticed. Her perfect hair is often curled above her shoulders, which makes her even more energetic. Such an aunt can never be related with the word ‘old’. It has been five or six years since Virginia last saw her aunt, yet she did not appear even a whit older than before but looked even younger. This is so inconceivable. Virginia thought of elixir of life, which seemed a bit too implausible. Is it that Aunt Annie encountered vampires and then turned into one of them to keep her eternal youth? ‘ My little Gini has forgotton auntie?’ said Annie with her arms still outstretched, seemingly on the edge of tears. Mum pushed Virginia slightly from behind and she had no choice but to run tipdoed into the long-waiting hug of her aunt. She hugged Aunt Annie tightly in the waist, preventing her from attemptin to live her up again. ‘Hold up your head for me,’ said Aunt Annie, stroking Virginia’s slightly curled hair, ‘Oh how beautiful our little princess already is,’ sighed her; ‘It’s auntie’s fault that I didn’t come to see you for so long that my little Gini does not remember me.’ Virginia was totally lost by this and lowered head slightly, pretending she was shy, ‘How can I possibly forget you, auntie? It's just you are younger than I expected.’ ‘Oh please forgive me for being so philistine,’ prayed Virginia secretly, ‘I really had no choice with such a dear aunt.’ The car is parked well and Aunt Annie shouted, ‘Lunch is ready. Now come in quickly.’ The family had a wonderful lunch. When her parents are chatting vigorously with dear Annie, Virginia siezed the opportunity and flew outside toward the river. Taking off her shoes and holding her dress, she carefully put her feet into the running water. Wow! Virginia held her slightly up with eyes half-open, sunlight gently stroking her face. Greenish grass is just within her reach. She circled herself around in the river water. Suddenly a thought emerged: How can she ever feel dissatisfied while living such a prominent life? She needs only to embrace the present and value it whole-heartedly. Though she values it now as well, she felt she has been too passive about life. What she needs is to be a little more active. At this precise moment she heard birds flapping wind in the music of running river water. It seemed so close, though she felt that something is deliberately seperating her and that sound. Then suddenly a shirek ringed and there indeed restsed a bird. Opening her eyes, Virginia felt that the sound came from the front of the house. She stepped out of water and ran along with her shoes in her hand. Carefully stealing a glance, she was disappointed to find noting there. She sighed and looked up. The cloud has grown thick and seemed a bit darker. Maybe it was going to rain. She came to the front of the door and sat on the doorsteps, putting on her shoes slowly. She held up her head and sighed slightly. At that moment she noticed a letter in the bush behind the letter box. Virginia walked there and picked up the fate-changing letter. This was a rather peculiar letter. The letter used parchment that has a mysterious yellowish color, which engulfs you with a sense of significance and appears rathor time-worn. There’s no stamp – oh yes! On the upper side of the envelope writes the address and adressor. Virginia felt confused. She turned it around and was again surprised to observe that it was sealed by wax, and then she noticed the symbol – it took only two seconds that she experienced the process of feeling familiar toward recognizing what it meant – and then her foot was rooted to the ground – she was completely confused now. Holding the envelope in her hands, she stood on the trial before the door. Then rain fell down as though it knew it should now. She came up to her sense and glanced at the envelope. “It was just totally nonsense,” she thought semi-somnambulistly,” I just didn’t remember it correctly. “ Perhaps she wasn’t familiar with the symbol anyway; she just know the four animals on the symbol; it was just an accident… maybe not. Her other sense was shouting with all its might – You are a Muggle-born! Rain came down as though ice-cold water was being emptied above her head repeatedly. She ran forward, conciously hiding the envelope behind. The three adults was amazed to see her come in with her hair wet. Aunt Annie aroused first and asked, “When did you go out…. Is it raining outside? Go and find a blanket quickly.” So she stood up and went to find one. Dad replied, “No need, Annie. Just let her have a shower, and be careful not to catch a cold.” And he gave Virginia a look that clearly indicated her to go upstairs and take a shower. Unfortuately it was a bit late. Said Mum quickly, “She must have gone to the riverside behind. You haven’t told us! You have to drink a large bottle of hot milk later, as a punishment. Now go to have your shower!” Usually when Dad gave her such indications, Virginia would immediately so as she was told to, but today she seemed a bit dull. Usually after Mum said such things she would make a grimace befor going upstairs, but she didn’t today. Instead she ran fast upstairs. Dad and Mum exchanged a glance. “ Gini seems a little quirky today, doesn’t she?” said Dad first. “I shall go upstairs to check.” Said Mum. Dad stopped her, “ Just let her have a shower first. We may wait.” Virginia, on the other hand, ran into her room and shut the door and had half a mind to lock it. But her sense prevented her from doing so. She went into the bathroom and locked its door, then turned on the shower. The room was suddenly full of noise produced by water. Now she took a deep breath and sat down. She tried to clear her mind and began checking the letter carefully. It was indeed her name on the envelope, but the adress is peculiar – she had’t been here for months and had not ever told anyone about this address. How possibly would people write to her? And she shut her breath, turning it over again. Indeed there was a huge letter H in the middle of the symbol. On the left-up corner is a lion, right-up a snake, left-down an eagle and right-down a badger, if she didn’t wish to deceive herself. She glanced at the letters she initially ignored. The letters clearly read “HOGWARTS”, and below it is “DracoDormiensNunquamTitillandus”, apparantly not written in English. It looked like Latin, but above it is surely a name of a school. Virginia hesitated: whether or not to open it? If she chose not to, she may tell herself that it was perhaps only a hoax made up by Rowling before her new books come out.. She knew it was only self-deceiving, but if her house was buried in letters later, it would surely make her birthday the worst she ever experienced.
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