The Mandalorian Jedi

Kote Runi, is a Mandalorian Jedi Padawan. Her Master was killed on Geonosis Boba Fett, son of Jango Fett. When his father was killed on Geonosis. He thinks he is alone. When he meets Kote, everything changes. (If Boba had someone to comfort him after his Father's death, this goes into RoTS)


1. Chapter 1

Kote Runi stood bored next to her Jedi Master on the rock known as Geonosis. Her Mandalorian armour stood out amongst the Geonosian crowd, catching the eye of the other Mando’a there. Her thoughts drifted between fluttering ideas of new ‘projects’ and her history. Her face masked excitement of the impending battle, but under her helmet no one could tell. The white and blue armour was unusually clean, with little dents and scratches from duels at the temple . At ten years of age - the Jedi council had only let her come because of her heritage- she was young to be on a mission as dangerous as this. Accepted by the age of nine she was young for becoming a Padawan Learner, which left her to the torments of others who were jealous. Let alone she was someone, if her parents hadn’t been killed and she hadn’t been found, she wouldn’t be a Jedi. Frankly, Kote disliked the peace loving Jedi way and enjoyed the thrill of the battle instead. If anyone gave her a sniper rifle she would be taking down as many enemies as possible, before anyone noticed, but it was “Self defence, peace is the way, blasters are primitive” Kote hated it, nothing compared to a sniper rifle and a handy blaster. She wasn’t alone on this mission, looking to her left, was the man who is training her. Her Jedi Master was the only Jedi that could speak fluent Mando’a, and he was the one who found her at age five sitting in the abandoned ship that was floating aimlessly in the cold reaches of the outer rim. That five year old was taught to fight and put up quite a resistance before being subdued by the Jedi Knight. Since then Master Evan Quell had seemed to have grown attached to the Mandalorian Padawan and chose the fighter at the initiate tournament over the more preferred twelve year olds. 

Kote Master Quell’s voice came through their bond breaking Kote’s train of thought

elek? she replied in Mandalorian 

Concentrate on your surroundings not your thoughts Padawan. 

Elek al’verde. 

For the last time Padawan I am not your commander. 

You kind of are my commander

Master Quell shook his head a smile forming on his stern face.

Just go, Master Windu wants you to negotiate with the Bounty Hunter 

He’s not a Bounty Hunter, He’s a Mandalorian trying to make a living. 

I don’t care if you know them from your past, just go.

Yes Master. Kote sighed with annoyance and slipped away, turning back one last time to see the dark haired master nod at her.

Kote Her master said through the bond If I die, you shall have my jetii’kad 

Kote smiled at the use of Mando’a vor entye she replied turning away.

She walked carefully towards the stand avoiding the Geonosians. 

One Geonosian flew into her “Di’kut” she muttered pushing past it. 

The rest of the Geonosians  quickly took notice of the Mandalorian walking through the crowd, and stayed out her way from fear for their lives.  Suddenly all around her the Geonosians fled. She was too late the battle had begun. It had been sudden, Kote hadn’t expected it. Kote found herself knocked to the ground. She found that her helmet had fallen off. She covered her head with her arms to protect herself from the stampede. She reached out with one arm to call her helmet to her. She felt a sudden pain, as something trod on it. She felt hot tears slide down her face as she sat up after the stampede had cleared. She leant against the wall cradling her arm. After a few minutes she managed to calm down. She stood up and walked towards her helmet. Picking it up with her good arm she put it back on covering her face again. She walked towards the alcove where there seemed that there was no one. She leant against the wall and took off her helmet. She also pulled her gloves off. Kote began study her arm that was definitely broken. She winced as she removed her gauntlet from her arm. 

“Are you okay?” A voice asked, she looked towards the sound. She rested her eyes on a boy.

Kote shook her head. “I think I’ve broken my arm. I’ve definitely broken my arm”

“That must hurt. We should really find a doctor or something after the battle dies down”

Kote nodded, she sensed something from the boy. “Are you okay?” she asked him

He shook his head “My father”

“What colour lightsaber?”

“Purple lightsaber”

“Mace Windu”

“You’re a Jedi aren’t you”

Kote nodded “It wasn’t by choice. My parents were killed when I was five, and my master found me”

“Who’s your master?” 

“Master Quell, or he was my master”

“Which droid?”

Kote smiled a bit “B2 I think”

“I’m sorry about your master” The boy said

“And I’m sorry about your father” She replied 

“Thanks, I’m Boba by the way” Boba held out his hand

“Kote” She held out her good hand and took Boba’s they shook hands and smiled at each other

After a while Kote began to drift off into a sleep. Boba watched her closely. He leant against the opposite wall watching her sleep. It was a while before a Jedi entered the alcove. The Jedi looked at Boba before calling to someone. It was one his fathers clones. He too found himself drifting off into the darkness known as sleep. 

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