My brother best friend (Jack and Jack)

Ella Johnson is the crazy twin sister of Jack Johnson from vine she is 20 minutes older than Jack. She is about to go on tour with her brother and his other friends. Ella she can act sing and dance she is basically like another Jack but what happens when Gilinsky one of Jack's friends fall for Ella?


1. Let me tell you something

Hello am Ella Andrea Johnson also known as Jack Johnson's twin sister we do a lot of vine together and YouTube videos. You've seen me in a lot of the Jack's vine but i'll tell you am a lot more crazier in person than just about anybody in Omaha, Nebraska. We're about to graduate from school so we'll be going our separate ways maybe not because after graduation its off to tour we go with digitour.

"Jack have you seen my backpack dweeb i know you put it somewhere?" I ask heading down the hall in my outfit for today which is right there guys


Anyway he always like making me late but in this house i rule the 'don't be late' to anything that's where Jack being tripping. I went into his half decent room finding my backpack in the corner of his pile of clothes is he for real right now.

"Your not slick Jack now if i were you i'd be downstairs. Before Gilinksy runs up in here jacking the food like last time" I say turning around my heels swinging my back pack over my shoulder heading downstairs. Taking a seat on the island we have pouring a bowl of chocolate lucky charms my favorite cereal in the world. Unlike Jack who doesn't like it all takes a liking in 'Frosted Flakes'.

"Yo, Ella my favorite twin in the whole wide world! Please tell me the other one is ready?" Gilinsky ask sitting next to me at the island

"Hmm....good question his not" I said laughing looking at Gilinksy he was really cute for one of my very own brother's friend. Gilinsky was tall with dark brown hair, eyes that could make you swoon over like his hair it was so perfect for hair lets just say. He and Jack meet back in kindergarten they had the same name and shirt isn't that something. As for me and him we meet the same day but i beat him up for taking my animal checkers it was a sight to see.

"If he doesn't come down right now we'll miss my chances on free McDonald's again..... like last time Leigh brought it and this time" Jack said, and I frowned up when he said Leigh she was the most meanest and self centered girl i've ever meet. That so happens to be Gilinksy's girlfriend. She was like a baby she wanted all the attetion when i had my sleepover in the 6th grad she had it the same day also.

"Oh can we just go then Gilinsky?" 

I liked him so much but there is another fishes in the sea as my mom says to me all the time. There was this one guy in Jack's group of friends that was really cute Sammy! Puberty did him mighty great a few years back now his pretty fine if you ask me


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