1. Dream

The light flickered on her bed side table. The nurse had turned it on again. She had woken up again. The familiar sounds of whirring machinery, the drip of the morphine greeted her ears, and she sighed. She could feel the cold air from an open window somewhere tickle her toes through the itchy sheets, and shivered. The nurse bustled back in from the bathroom, placing a fresh glass of water by her bed, and shuffling around her, going to check her vitals from the various pieces of equipment attached to various parts of her body. Another sigh, this time from the man holding her hand. She squeezed it gently, to signal her return from the land of un-consciousness.

Her dreams varied greatly, depending on the amount of fluid (that wasn’t blood) coursing through her veins. Sometimes she flew high above the ground, up, up, up into the stars. She would tiptoe from prick of light to another, until the distance from home, and between the lights grew too great. Then, she would plummet down (or was it up?) into the darkness of awareness. Sometimes, she would be surrounded my deep impenetrable sapphire as far as the eye could see, and she would walk for what could have, would have, should have been a millennia, never growing tired, never ceasing. It could start to rain boiling water, becoming hotter than a thousand suns, and she would never stop walking. One step two, three, and it became impossible to stop.

There was always a man there though. He spoke to her, and told her stories of His world. That was her favourite part. It was a kingdom, where the righteous, and the good, and the just dwelled. The man told her there was a place He had created especially for her, both in her world and His. He made her feel happy, telling her she had a purpose to fulfil. She could do amazing things, she knew it. She trusted him completely. Some might say she was unwise to, but that's what they said about everything. She was unwise to go to London, unwise to marry him, always unwise. But He told her otherwise, and proved it.

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