A girl named Gray was locked in her basement at the age of 6 for harming her classmates with her magic, which she did accedentilly. at the age of 14, a boy her age broke into her house and kiiled her parents and found her in the basement playing Max Payne 1. Who is this intruder?, and, What will happen to Gray? Read on to find out,,, ;)


1. The Intruder

  I was playing Max Payne 1 when i heard screams upstairs, figured it was just my idiotic parents were watching some "scary" horror movie. I kept playing till i heard someone trying to break down my door, i paused my game and got up. I summoned my raiper sword. The door finally gave and a boy about my age with a yellow hoodie and a frown was there, he also had a camera, then a boy with a fenimen mask showed up saying, "hoodie you ok....ay?" He loooks at me weirdly, i glare at him and said, "flee!! GO! LEAVE THIS PLACE AND NEVER RETURN!!!" The boy in the hood walked up to me, i cut him  in the leg but he didn't wence. I started to panic, i started to teleport, man who are these people?! i teleport again then i felt tight arms around me and someone taking my sword away and putting somesort of handcuffs and i try to teleport but i couldn't! "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!?!?!?!" i yelled. "anti-teleporting cuffs, we came to take you home." the feminen mask boy said to me. I was confused. "what? this is my home, my temple!" i said. "a home you were kept inprisoned. Where you had never been in human contact, where you never been outside in the grass for years.?" he said. "h-how...How do you know that i didn't do this to my self to protect others?" i sadi cunningly smirking. "because it was locked on the outside and your parents din't even fight to 'protect' you." i went silent. "Just take me away i wann get out of this place that was my world." i said bored and walking out. "gladly." the feminen masked boy.

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