Happy Together

"Friendship Is Magic"
two bestfriends and a little magic

1. 1.

(Annie's pov)

On a gloomy evening I walked through the woods to Lucy's cottage. I stood at the wooden door. i knocked. Lucy's Dad answered the door. "Hey Annie come in" Lucy's Dad said. I walked into their huge cottage. It was like a castle compaired to my house. I walked up stairs and walked into Lucy's room. She was sewing a dress.


'' Hey Lucy what are you up to?''  i said ''oh nothing just sewing a dress'' ''oh that looks like fun can I please help'' i said ''yeah sure'' Lucy said. As they were sewing a dress Lucy cut her finger and it was pretty deep '' are you ok?''  i said ''NO'' Lucy said. Lucy was screaming out DAD, MUM. her parents came running up to her room. Lucy showed them the deep cut that she had done. Blood was pouring everyone i felt so bad for Lucy. I couldn't look. Her Mum took her to the bathroom and ran it under the tap. "Ok Mum and Dad it shall be fine now" Lucy said. "Okay darling" her Dad said. Her parents left the room.


Lucy came back with a scared look on her face. "Look at my finger" she said. I looked at her pointer finger the one she cut. There was no blood and no cut it was the same as before. "That is so weird" i said. "Yeah oh well come on lets go play on the tyre swing" Lucy said happily.


(Lucy's pov)

I was terrified i saw  my finger heal i know from other injuries nothing heals that quickly. But i'm not going to tell Annie i dont want my worries to worry her too. "I will bet you there" Annie said. "okay lets have a race 3,2,1 GO " i shouted.

i ran  but i stopped at my door. Annie kept running. I put a bandaid on my finger because if my parents saw that i had no cut they would be worried. I ran down to the tyre swing. There was Annie swinging on it. i walked so that i was facing her. "Come on Lucy where are you" she yelled. "i'm right here" i said. "Are you hiding cause i can't see you anywhere" Annie said laughing. I was standing right in front of her. Am i dead am i a ghost. I stared at Annie she stopped swinging. "How did you do that i was looking there the whole time" she said. "I was standing there the whole time" i stated. "But i saw that you only appearded then. "Do you think i was" i said. "No you couldn't of been, could you" Annie replied. 

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