Gene Carriers

My name is Andy Woods and p.s. I'm a girl don't let my name trick you. My parents always thought it would be my twin sister Hannah who would carry the gifted gene off my dads side. But they were wrong. It was me. And what happens when mom's secret of her side of the family is revealed....


1. Chapter 1

" Hurry up!" I banged on the door frustrated," I need to get ready too!"

" I'm almost ready!" My twin sister called out from the other side.

" Whatever," I sighed before the door of the bathroom finally opened.

Hannah came out of bathroom wearing make up as always. Her hair was down and naturally curly while mine was straight. She had full lips like mom while I have thin ones like my dad. Her skirt was an inch above her knees with leggings that did reach her knees. She was wearing boots and a pink top. I was only wearing a pair of jeans, a plain purple shirt, and converse. My hair was simply parted. I was wearing no make up.

" Hurry up girls!" Mom yelled down stairs," or you're going to be late!"

" Thanks for taking up most of the time," I gritted my teeth.

" You're already dressed," Hannah rolled her eyes," what else were you going to do in there?"

" I was planning to straighten my hair today with moms straightening iron," I looked down at my feet.

" You! Straightening your hair!," Hannah started to laugh," whatever! You don't even know how to!"

" I'm being serious!" I snapped," and I could of learned, but I could of never get the chance because of you, you idiot!"

" I'm not an idiot!" She pushed me.

" That's not what your report card said!" I screamed.

" I hate you!" She ran down stairs.

I shook my head and walked into the bathroom.

" Come on!" Dad called from down stairs," it's time to go!"

I gritted my teeth again.

" I'm coming!" I yelled going down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, I saw dad talking to Hannah.

" Have you gotten any more dizzy spells lately?" He asked her," has your vision blurred?"

" I think maybe last night," She sighed," but it was gone as soon as it started."

" It will eventually happen," He smiled," Remember your cousin Abby? She didn't have a vision until she turned eighteen!"

" But usually we have them either when were thirteen through sixteen," Hannah's voice was full of concern," I'm fourteen now."

" It will come," Dad put a hand on her shoulder.

That's when a horrible pain formed in my stomach. I doubled over and closed my eyes. My body started to shake.

" Andy!" I heard mom and dad running up the stairs.

Mom's hand touched my forehead. She immediately snatched it away.

" She's burning up with fever," She looked over at dad.

That's when the pain disappeared suddenly. I stood up.

Mom's hand went up back to my forehead.

" You're cold as ice now," She widened her eyes in confusion.

" I guess it was morning sickness," I sighed," sad it didn't last longer. Maybe I wouldn't go to school then."

" Maybe you shouldn't," Mom studied me with curious eyes.

" She's fine," Dad insisted," now lets go."






 Dad has been riding with us in the car everyday on our way to school when me and Hannah turned fourteen. He's been spending every minute he could with Hannah since our fourteen birthday.

Something seemed to be bothering mom. I could sense it.

" What's wrong?" I asked her.

" It feels like a memory is trying to escape the back of my mind," She bit her lip.

" You'll remember," I patted her shoulder while she was driving.

" It's important....." She shook her head," I know it is.... maybe...."

She abruptly pushed on the brakes. I hit my head on the head rest of mom's seat and shut my eyes. Imagines suddenly filled my mind. It was a girl with beautiful blue eyes and black hair. I somehow knew it was mom. Trees surrounded her. She was crying. I saw a moon stone necklace surround her neck. She seemed lost.

A bright light then filled my vision.

" Andy!" Dad was shaking me.

" Dad..." My eyes were trying to focus," what happened?"

" You hit your head pretty hard," Dad sighed," you were out for a couple of minutes."

I was still in the car, but we were in a parking lot now. Blood was dripping from my nose.

My eyes felled on mom in the front seat.

" I saw you!" I pointed up at her," you were a little girl, and you were lost in the woods I think. There was a moon stone necklace around your neck."

Mom gasped.

" How did you?....." I cut her off.

" I told you!" I yelled," I saw you! It was like I was there with you!"

" Did... did this happen to you Tina?" Dad looked at mom nervous.

" I was seven," Mom started," I got lost on a path in the woods at the new house me and my mom moved into. And the necklace was my grandmothers. She thought.... well that doesn't matter now. Rob... I think we made a mistake."

" What does that mean?.... " I saw tears creep into Hannah's eyes.

" I'm sorry Hannah," Dad ran his hand through his blond hair," you don't have the gene. Andy does."

" I've been training for fourteen years!" She snapped," It has to be me! It is me! Why can't it be both of us!?"

" The gene only passes down to one sibling like it passed down to my sister, Sylvia," He explained," but not me."

" But I've been getting dizzy...." A tear slid down her cheek," how do you explain that?!"

" Phantom symptoms," Dad stared out his window," I had those when I was your age thinking I had the gene, but I was wrong. Phantom symptoms are when you think your experiencing something you actually wasn't. You were imagining it Hannah."

" That... that can't be possible," Hannah whispered.

She opened her car door and jumped out.

" Hannah!" I called after her," wait!"

" Let her go," Mom gripped the stirring wheel," she'll be back in a minute."

" This is so unique...." Dad looked at me," you're like my mother. You can look into the past, and maybe..... you can also look into the future."




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