Malec & Their Daughter

This is about Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, from The Mortal Instruments Series.
Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood have lived a tough life, but now they have a child thanks to a lovely friend and doctors they are able to have a kid...they named her Raven Bane-Lightwood. She's part Shadowhunter part Warlock. Here's their story


1. The First Time

14 years before

*Magnus POV*

"Alec calm down it's going to be okay." Gosh he's amazing but he needs to calm down he's barely slept and I'm afraid if he doesn't sleep I'm going to have to put a rune on him, even though I don't want to, or worse I'll have to call in the Silent Brothers.

"Magnus don't you tell me to calm down, our child is being born and we aren't allowed to go check, and make sure nothings gone wrong." 

"Alexander stop." He whipped around to face me. I thought he was going to yell at me, Instead he threw his arms around me and collapsed into me.

"Magnus I'm just so worried about what's going to happen to us if the baby doesn't make it." I am too but I will not voice it for fear that it may come true.

"Al...." I was shocked into silence by Alec jumping up and running towards the doctor. I stayed sitting for a while, I figured it would be better if Alexander was just over there. I sat there and got lost in memories, memories of the day I called Alexander Sweet pea.

"'Sweet pea'?" Alec said

"I was trying it out."

I remember the look on his face the way he said no. It was adorable and from that day on I vowed to keep trying out new names for him. I stood up figuring it was time to walk over to the doctor and Alec when...

"MAGNUS THEYRE OKAY!" I was knocked off my feet and onto the floor by the love of my life. "It's a girl Magnus.." What!? The doctor told us last time it was a boy.


"What but I thought it was supposed to be a boy?" I'm so confused

"It was supposed to be but it's not. I'm so happy and guess what we can go see her. The mothers letting us choose the name. What do you think we should name her?". I've thought of so many names none really a girls name. I looked out the window and got the idea.

"Raven, we should name her Raven. Raven Sky Bane-Lightwood." I had a confidence that the name would fit her perfectly even though we haven't seen her yet.

"I love the name Magnus. Now let's go look at our baby!!"


"It's also rude to yell Magnus." We got to the room and I couldn't believe it..our baby was so beautiful.

"Alec look at her she has my eyes and she has your facial structure... She's so beautiful." I couldn't believe it our child was breathtaking.

"Magnus look she has blue hair with some sparkles in it...oh she has some brown too."

We said it at the same time "She looks like looks like us."

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