The Silver Effect

Rogan is not your typical girl. At sixteen she's been nothing but trouble ever since her parents died when she was young. At the night where a terrible crash happen and a convicted felon had escape from a division where there are people with powers unheard of. Rogan has to figure out a way to get her life back to normal or everything she has loved goes down in flames.


1. Grounded

The day has yet to come and I am pasting up sheets on a wall outside the town's billboard. I've grabbed one of the spray paint shaking it first before starting in the holes that were cut in. As I sprayed on the billboards I looked over my shoulders to see if anyone has been watching while I was up here vandalizing town property.

I continued on as the day slowly arise and my art was finally complete. I put away the spray paint and took down the sheets I plastered up and rolled them into the duffle bag and glanced up at my work. 

The billboard was originally plastered with a man holding a soda bottle. I have improvised and made the bottle into a creature struggling to get out of the man's grip. I also turned the man into a lifeless zombie trying to eat the creature.

I say, I am good let me tell you.

Grabbing my duffle bag and about to get down. From a distance I see a police patrol turning the corner slowly driving towards the billboard.


"Think of something, think of something, think of something" I chanted. Looking around I see Tammy's diner and passed towards the boat house and knew I had my alibi. 

I jumped down onto the tree jumping my way from tree to tree until the tree lines ended. Looking both ways at the road and seeing any passing vehicles I ran around towards the back steps of the diner and threw my duffle bag inside the dumpster rearranging the trash before I made my way in. 

The door was slightly ajar and I tipped toed in not wanting Tammy to realize someone was here before opening. Peeking around the corner I see no one so I walk threw and in to the employees room.

I took a sigh of relief until I realized that I wasn't alone in the room. 

"Rogan, what are you doing here honey?" Looking over my shoulder to see a middle aged women with long light brown hair behind with her hands on her hips. "Are you up to mischief again?" 

"Psst. No" I deny

suddenly the diner door starts knocking "Rogan! I know your in here!" the voice on the other side of the diner said angry.

I looked at Tammy putting my hands together begging her to help me. she shook her head and Sigh. "This is the last time I'm helping you Roganna Desci. I'm going to make my way slowly to open the door while you have a chance to escape got it"

I gave her a kiss on her cheek and she pushed pass the sliding door into the diner. I ran towards the open window and slipped out quietly. Since Tammy is distracting the others I can make a run for the boat house where Johnson would be getting early risers for some fishing gear and a borrowed boat. I can say that I have come to help out a little since Johnson and my dad were buddies and I actually help out whenever he needs it.

See I'm not so bad.

I ran into the woods toward the directions of the boat house casually looking back over my shoulder to see if I'd been followed. Nope, I haven't.

Running up the dock of the boat house I made myself calm down before entering to greet Johnson. But as I turned to greet him I gasped in surprise to see my older brother Micah waiting for me and looking pretty pissed. His arms were crossed over his lieutenant uniform and he was tapping his foot the way my mother use to do when we done something bad.

I peeked over his shoulder to see Johnson arranging somethings looking everywhere but at me. Thanks for the help Johnson. 

"Micah, hey! I was just here to see if Berry needed any help with-"

He cut me off "Don't give me that bull crap, Rogan. I hate to have to arrest my own sister for vandalizing town property. You can seriously get in some deep shit" 

"Micah, I-"

"No excuses. Your grounded young lady. Now get into the vehicle while I think of your punishment"

I stomped out of the boat house and walked towards Micah's truck as he followed me back. I sat at the passengers seat and slammed the truck door shut not saying a word when Micah sat in the driver's seat.


I lay on my bed threw my stuffed ball high and catching it repeating the gesture over and over again. I was beyond bored. Micah has got me under surveillance and I can't do anything but sit around and do nothing.

I hate being inside the house; I feel claustrophobic in one place which I need to do something fast before I freak out in here. catching the stuffed ball I placed it on my night stand and walked towards my desk and open my laptop. A pond entering I received and e-mail from my best friend Tucker.

Sent:11:30 am October 16


Saw the billboard today.


I typed in my reply

Sent:11:40 am October 16

Subject: RE: Dude!

What did you think of it?


I waited for a reply tapping on my desk for something to do. Finally he replied.

Sent:11:42 am October 16

Subject: 'RE: 'RE: Dude! 

Awesome! The picture looked so realistic, how did you manage to do that?


I replied

Sent:11:45 am October 16

Subject: 'RE: 'RE: 'RE: Dude!

I have my ways. It takes skills to master the art of spray painting my friend.



Sent:11:47am October 16

Subject:'RE: 'RE: 'RE: 'RE: Dude!

Yeah. Cool. So did you get in trouble with your brother?



Sent:11:49 am October 16

Subject:'RE: 'RE: 'RE: 'RE: 'RE: Dude!

Yeah. I'm totally grounded for a month with no communication to the outside world taking away my phone privileges. I feel claustrophobic in my own home.


Sent:11:51 am October 16

Subject: RE:'RE:'RE:'RE:'RE:'RE: Dude!

That sucks. I wanted to see if you can make it to the party tonight. I heard its going to be epic. I thought why not crash the party.


Sent:11:53 am October 16

Subject:'RE:'RE:'RE:'RE:'RE:'RE: Dude!

Sure I'll meet you there tonight. I don't see how I can get even more grounded then I already am. Send me the the time and place.


Tucker had scent me the address where I can meet him so he'll drive me to the party and back. I said my goodbyes and headed towards the closet picking my outfit for tonight. 

This is going to be fun.

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