The Mystics

The new girl- everything about her captivates me- her long, multicolored hair, her one green eye and one blue eye, how the bridge of her nose is dotted with freckles that look just like stars, her pouty, black-lipstick covered lips, her odd clothes, and her pale skin. Instantly I knew that she was trouble. I should've realized when I got involved with her there would be a disaster. And I really underestimated her when it all happened, in the end........


1. Prologue/Zelda


His black hair was swept back, his eyelids closed, and I knew that underneath them there was bright, alert grey eyes, sprinkled with blue and grey. A cotton blanket covered his body, but his feet peeked out, washed silver by the moonlight. This was my favorite time, at night, to watch him.

It sounds creepy but it really is my job, to protect him.

My family, actually, our whole bloodline, is a race called Mystics. We're sort of like the Sandman- we help people sleep and protect their dreams, keeping them safe from visions of things that happen when the world goes wrong, or as people call them, nightmares. Our powers extends from your basic mind reading to making illusions, to help humans fall asleep, and to shoo away the unwanted things in their sleep.

My name is Zelda Crystialla Talia Mystic. I am 16 years old, born on August 4th, 1999. My long hair is curly, and it was originally red, but I dyed it every color imaginable. I have one green eye and one blue, and I'm about 6"2 and I'm really skinny. Like, bone and skin. No fat. It helps since we kinda break into people's houses(usually by climbing through windows on the higher floors) to help them sleep....

I have been homeschooled my whole life, and I have never been in a school of any sort. Of course that's for the best, that no one finds out who we really are. 

Our family consist of me, my 18 year old older sister Lara Nicola Sarafina, my younger 13 year old twin sisters Jemma Livia Gemini and Jasmine Sasha Lillianna (or just Jem and Jaz), and my mom. We just recently moved to a new town, closer to where my dream boy lives.

The dream boy that I wish I could dream of, but us Mystics literally cannot sleep, let alone dream. I simply visit him every night and wish we could meet each other, and fall in love.....

Tomorrow I will go to the school. The same one where my dream boy goes, also the same grade....

Everytime I think of him I feel a rush of adrenaline, but know if I do fall for him there will be consequences.

Us Mystics aren't exactly supposed to fall in love. Especially not with a weak race such as humans.

The world is definitely against us. For sure.


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