A Quiet Thought

Lucas Montez floods the skies with his tears, and Anna Ryerson’s head with his thoughts.
Lucas and Anna have been best friends for years, and have always known that there was something different about them, something special. When circumstances force the two apart, they discover that those differences are even more extreme than either of them ever imagined. Suddenly, Anna and Luke find themselves dragged into a new life, a life of blue eyed Memory Keepers, manipulative and hope crushing Origine, and more extraordinary powers than they ever could have dreamed of.


1. Goodbye



The day, by all appearances, was just like any other lazy summer day. The sun was high up in the clear sky, swallows drifted along easily on the gently breeze, and several neighbourhood children could be heard laughing in the distance. 

The happiness of the day however, was not reflected in Anna Ryerson's face. She shivered slightly as she walked along with grim determination. Her fierce expression would have been comical on the naturally friendly looking girl, was it not for the pain visible in her blue-green eyes. She marched along the sidewalk, intent on reaching her destination. 

"Just you wait kids," she grumbled to herself, "it won't be sunny for long."

As she neared the house on the corner of the street, her feet slowed, and her grim expression threatened to slip. A slight shudder ran down her spine, and her vision clouded for a moment, going dark around the edges as if she was about to lose consciousness. She blinked a few times, and frowned as her eyesight went back to normal. That had been happening sporadically all year, and she swore that if it happened one more time, she would go to the doctor. Just like she had promised herself every single other time it had happened before.

Anna shook her head, clearing away her worried thoughts. 

          Forget that right now Anna, she told herself. No matter what, she just had to get through the next few minutes. 

          "Hey Anna, I heard you're moving? We'll miss you!"

Anna waved back vaguely in the direction of the young woman across the street, not even noticing who it was until the girl turned and stomped away in a huff, flicking her perfect blonde hair behind her. 

          "I'll miss you too!" Anna called lamely to the back of the retreating Sadie Jenkins. She had known the gossipy girl for most of her life- in fact she had just attended her graduation in June. True, she had been there for Luke, but she had taken a picture with Sadie too, so she thought that ought to count.

She really had nothing against the girl- except for her extremely annoying habit of trying to pry out steamy details about Lucas Montez- but Anna had better things to think about. Shaking her head and promising herself she'd drop in on Sadie on her way home, she shoved her hands into the big front pocket of her favourite comfy sweatshirt, and stared back at the house. 

This shouldn't be that hard; Luke was her friend after all. Sure, a friend she'd known since she was seven, a friend she'd grown up with, who had always been there, right down the street. But still, just a friend. Right?

She quickly sent Luke a text, and slipped her phone into her pocket. She could feel the memories coming back, flooding her mind until she could no longer resist them. Come on Luke, hurry up. With a frustrated sigh, she looked up at the second window on the top floor, waiting for Luke to come down, and let the memories come. 




Anna smoothed down her blue butterfly dress with clammy hands and gazed at the sea of faces staring at her through the door; the butterflies in her tummy threatened to fly up into her throat. 

"Mummy I don't want to go," she whispered, tugging at her mother's sleeve.

          "Hush Anna, it'll be okay. You'll be fine," the woman stroked her small daughter's hair absently, and turned back to talk urgently into her work cell phone. 

Anna swallowed hard and looked back through the crack in the classroom door. The smell of whiteboard markers and finger paints lingered in the air, making Anna shudder slightly; she hated to get her clothes dirty, especially this pretty new dress. Mummy wouldn't be happy. 

She had never been to school before, and as much as she had dreamed about it, now she would do anything to stay home. While she didn't enjoy homeschooling with old Mrs. Wendell next door, she suddenly knew that it would be worse here at school. The kids wouldn't like her, wouldn't want to play with her. They were going to hate her, she knew it. She wasn't normal like them, she wasn't a good girl. She couldn't seem to play normal games, or just be happy. And worst of all, no matter how hard she tried, she didn't know how to make Mummy happy. 

Mummy would play with her, kiss her goodnight, tell Anna she loved her- but there was something that Anna could see in her eyes, something not quite there. 

As her own eyes began to fill with tears, Anna heard a husky voice beside her. A voice that was enough to stop her thoughts in their tracks. 

         "Come on, school isn't that bad. I promise."

Anna froze. She knew that voice! It was the one that had followed her for as long as she could remember, popping up every once in a while in her head. But there had never seemed to be a person belonging to it. And that's what got her into trouble with Mummy.

Mummy didn't like people-less voices in Anna's head. 

Anna turned around slowly to see a boy standing beside her, messy black hair surrounding his friendly face, and a small smile on his lips. His bright blue eyes were especially striking in combination with his shock of dark hair. They looked straight into hers, and although he was only a few inches taller than her, she could tell that he was older than the other students in the grade one classroom ahead of her. 

         "Who are you?" she asked, quickly wiping away the tears before he could see that she had been crying. She felt like she knew him somehow, but she had never laid eyes on him in her life. 

         "My name's Lucas Montez. I'm in grade three. What's your name?"

         "I'm Anna. I've never been to school before."

         "How come? You didn't go to Kindergarten?"

Anna shrugged in embarrassment, hoping that he wouldn't think she was a baby. 

         "I was homeschooled."

Lucas' grin widened. 

         "Well that's okay! Don't worry, they won't hate you. You're not that different!"

Anna looked back up at him, confused.

          "I never said that... how did you...?" her questions petered off as he giggled.

          "Sure you did! Right before I came over. You're funny."

Looking down at her, his eyes crinkled, and he grinned again. Despite herself, despite the fear of school, and her confusion with this strange boy, Anna couldn't do anything but grin back at him. 

A bell rang shrilly, and children began to file out of the classrooms lining either side of the hallway, their chatter filling the air. Anna saw her mom frown, slightly irritated, and move quickly over to the window, still talking importantly into her cellphone. She noticed Anna watching her, and gave her a quick wave, wiggling her eyebrows with a silly grin when she saw Lucas. 

Anna quickly looked away, embarrassed at her mother's behaviour. Lucas' grin widened, and he leaned down to take her hand. Anna looked around at the other children, but he merely tightened his grip. As Anna's hand relaxed in his, a sudden violent gust of wind surged through the window, and the sun shone somehow brighter than before. With a start, Lucas glanced over at Anna's mother, who hadn't seemed to notice anything strange, and then looked back down at Anna, questions in his eyes. 

          "Don't worry Anna," he said quietly, "I think we're supposed to be friends. Just stick with me. You'll be okay."




Ten minutes later, outside on his front lawn, Luke's eyes widened, clouding over as if everything he had ever known had come to a crashing halt. 

          "You're leaving?" His voice cracked.

Anna nodded slowly, her eyes briefly meeting his before darting back down to the patch of grass she had been staring at since she first told him the news. Already the day seemed darker, the sun less cheery than before. The swallows were nowhere to be seen. 

          "But how? I mean, when?" There was a pause as he searched her face for answers. "Anna... you can't. I need you."

          "Agh Luke. Don't make this harder than it has to be. You knew that, well, that..." the words seemed to be stuck in her throat. Luke made a little sound that was almost more laugh than moan.

          "That what? That one day your horribly overbearing mother would finally get her way and take you away from me?" The clouds darkened overhead, and a low growl of thunder sounded in the air.

The words stung, and Anna frowned, struggling not to lash back.

          "Luke, don't be like this. You know she likes you."

Luke made a scoffing face, and Anna spoke again, earnestly trying to get his attention. 

          "She does! She just wishes I had more girl friends. And that I would spend some time with other people."

          "She just wishes you were more like her."

Anna ignored the old argument, and continued to defend her mother; "It's not her fault at all that we're moving."

          "It's her fault she didn't tell you sooner."

Anna shook her head, "They only confirmed it last night, and she didn't want to say anything to me until it was certain."

          "That's a terrible argument," Luke's voice was still angry, and Anna knew that his points held some validity, but she couldn't stop herself from taking her mother's side. The way she always did- even when she wasn't quite sure if she believed her own words.

          "She's getting transferred, and as much as she might like to think so, I doubt she's powerful enough to orchestrate her own promotion."

Luke rolled his eyes and paced away from her. Anna watched him, waiting. Suddenly he spun around to face her again, his eyes wide. 

          "Anna I'll come with you! I'm done school now, my boss won't care, and my parents- well, they'll understand. They'll have to."

The hope in his voice was so vivid that what she said next nearly crushed her. She hated to watch his face fall.

          "Your parents might not do anything, but you know my mom wouldn't stand for it. She already thinks we spend too much time together, you think she'd be thrilled at the thought of you moving out of the country with us? And where would you live? You couldn't live with us, we don't have room in the new place. What would you do without a green card? And besides, your parents would miss you so much. You can't do that to them. That's just not who you are, Luke. Just take it easy. You know what'll happen if..." she glanced up anxiously at the dark clouds rolling in, and pinched the bridge of her nose; she could feel another headache coming on, and she rolled her head from side to side, trying to ease the tension in her neck.

          "If what?" Luke answered her, his voice upset. "If I get angry? Why don't you tell me what will happen Anna, come on, tell me," his eyes glinted and he glared at her in defiance. Lightning pierced the horizon and a second clap of thunder sounded in the distance.

          "Luke," she whispered.

          "Say it, Anna!"

When she stared back silently, the fight went out of his face. Balling up his fists in frustration, he swung around and stared up into the sky. Anna sighed and went to put her hand on his arm. 

          "You know I can't, Luke. I'm sorry."

          "Why, Anna, why not? Why won't you just say it? We're not little kids anymore; we can't just pretend it's a game, or hope it'll go away. This is never going away, do you understand that? What are you so afraid of?" His voice quieted and he turned around again. He looked at her once more, but this time with an air of defeat. "Why won't you just admit that we're meant to be more than friends Anna?"

Anna felt her heart stop for a moment as she stared into Luke's eyes. She was suddenly very aware of her hand still on his arm. 

There it was; the question she had been dreading for months, years if she was truly honest with herself. 

          Why not? Why can't I? The thoughts swirled around her head like a whirlwind of doubt. Closing her eyes, she forced herself to focus.

          Because I know it's true. And I don't want it to be. 

Luke flinched as the thoughts came quickly to her. His face filled with pain.

A drop of moisture hit Anna's hand, and at first she thought that he was crying, but as more and more began to fall she realized that it was merely rain. Which might as well have been the same thing. 

          I'm sorry, Luke. I'm so, so sorry.

The thought filled the air before settling in Luke's mind. The impact might have been a freight train by the look on his face. 

          But Anna...

Anna took a step forward and curled her arms around his body, holding him tight. The pain she saw on his face was echoed in her heart, and she dropped her head down onto his chest. For a moment his body tensed, rejecting her comfort, but then he caved in. Trembling, he put his arms around her, resting his chin on her now wet hair. The rain fell harder, but still they stood there, holding each other, their thoughts swirling through the sky.

          You're my best friend. You always will be. Don't ever forget that, Luke.

         I know, Anna Risa.

The sound of her old special nickname, used only by him, nearly sent her over the edge. Risa. The Spanish word for laughter. Luke's old grandfather, Lucas Montez I, had told him when he was a boy to find his laughter, and hold on tight to it. 

          "Laughter is what holds us all together, Lukey. Laughter is what will save us."

Luke had listened to the words like they were pearls of wisdom. He had always told her that she was his own special laughter. He had always been there for her. 

          What will I do now, Luke?

         I love you, Anna Risa. 

Anna's heart stuttered, and she pressed her forehead against his body. 

How long they stood there in the pouring rain, content with simply being in each other's arms, Anna couldn't tell, but soon there was no hiding the fact that she had to leave.

          "We're going in the morning. It's a long drive, and my mom wants to get an early start. And I want to get some ice cream before we go," her words were muffled against his soaking wet t-shirt, and she pulled away to look up at him, smiling slightly, willing him to take the bait.

Luke's jaws tightened, and Anna continued slowly. 

          "You know Luke, ice cream really does make a sad situation a little bit happier."

Luke sighed as she quoted his own words back to him, and gave her a small smile. 

          "I know Anna. I just don't think that's going to work this time," he paused for a moment before continuing. "I guess this is goodbye then." 

The rain, already falling so hard, suddenly increased, and Luke had to shout to be heard over the noise. "Before you go, can you just tell me one thing? Tell me I'm right about us, right about everything. You know I am. I always have been."

Anna's stomach tightened in fear. Her head was pounding now, and she blinked a few times, trying to clear her thoughts. While she could think those words, the ones Luke wanted, she could never seem to speak them aloud. When she tried, and she had tried, her voice just stopped working. 

          "Luke..." Why?

Before she could protest, Luke grabbed her hands and held them tight.

          "Because I love you Anna. And without you, I'll just be that freaky kid from grade three, the one who does nothing but sit in the corner, watching the sky and waiting. Endlessly waiting. The minute I saw you, I stopped waiting. It was you, Anna, always you. I don't want to wait again."

          Why can't you see that?

Anna shook her head, desperately holding back the tears threatening to spill over. Luke had never been shy about his feelings for her, and every time she set him straight, it made her feel worse than the last. She hugged him tight one last time, then pulled away and turned to leave. 

          "I can't, I just can't. I don't know why, it just won't come out."

Luke exhaled as a gust of wind blew her wet and matted hair into even more disarray. 

          "I know Anna."

Anna looked at him for a long moment, and then walked away, whispering, "Goodbye, Luke," and leaving only a single thought behind.




The thought ran around his head for days after she left, as he thought of her disappearing in the sheets of water thundering down from the broiling clouds above, her grey sweatshirt plastered against her body. It haunted him as his dreams and thoughts screamed for her to come back. 

Because in that instant he knew, despite the goodbyes and resistance from Anna, he knew that he was right, and that she knew he was right. And they both knew that they could do nothing about it, nothing at all. 




          I love you too, Luke. Forever. 



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