12 AM

In a world where only the elites are allowed to live and the rest are left to die, Clary and her sister miraculously survive. One day, when they are discovered by the elites, they run away and meet a boy, Gio, from another society, where everyone is given equal rights and everything is just perfect. With the help of Gio, Clary tries to create a revolution in the dystopian society she lives in.


1. Prologue

"Lia Kahn is dead. I am Lia Kahn. Therefore, I am dead, but I'm not." -Skinned, Robin Wasserman

My first thought is that they have found us. The second is that we are dead.

And the third is that we have to run.

"Lia!" I scream. "Lia, where are you?"

My sister shouts back. "Clary!"

The unmistakeable sound of their voices penetrate the makeshift walls. They have weapons, special means of destroying outcasts like Lia and me. While we, we have nothing to fight with. And we are trapped.

If they find us, we'll die.

The walls start to crumble into dust and every second we waste is one second closer to our deaths.

"Come on."

I run to the only window in close proximity. It has never opened before, but I'm hoping for a miracle. Lia comes over and helps me. Together, we push. And nothing happens.

Then I get my miracle.

"Let's go!"

I let Lia jump out first, and I follow her suit. We barely have time to stand up before a voice calls out, "There!"

They start coming towards us. Grabbing my sister's hand, I steer her towards the forest and we run for our lives.

"We've lost them," Lia announces a while later. Our pace slows to a walk.

I wonder what we are going to do. How we are going to survive. Our house, our only possession, has been destroyed. We are not welcome in the city. Lia and I are entirely alone.

"I've found you."

Startled, I look up to see a man, about 18, staring at me. Most of them are eighteen. He must be one of them.

As he comes a step closer, I panic and try to take a step backward.


Just as I'm about to turn and run away from this stranger, he grabs my wrist firmly and looks into my eyes.

"Don't go."

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