Highschool Love

Everything is going perfect, they have so many plans, but then there's a devastation. He acts fine- but is he? She is heartbroken, tries to hide it but always fails.
When weird things start to happen, will they end up together, or just get farther apart?
It's all part of a highschool romance.


1. Where It Started

     Abbey and Kenneth first met in the 9th grade.

    On the first day of 9th grade, Abbey walked into her first class: English. She looked at the seating chart the teacher had laid out and saw that she had to sit with all guys instead of her friends. Abbey had only went here since 8th grade, so she didn't know everyone, but she knew enough. 
    At first, she really didn't like the seating chart, she wanted to sit with her friends. But, as she went to sit down, she realized there was a kid she had never seen before. He just gave her this feeling. What was it? She had never felt this before. She got so nervous. 

  He smiled at her when she sat down, and she smiled back. 

  "Hey, I'm Kenneth." He said and smiled.

  "Hi, I'm Abbey." She said and smiled back. 

  "Pretty name." He said, and she blushed.


  That's where it's all started. They became best friends, starting doing things together. He started going to her church. They went to winter fest together. Then, they started dating. They were the hottest couple. People wanted to be them, wanted their relationship to be like theirs. 

  Yes, they were perfect to the eyes of everyone, but they had problems of their own. Those came to a head in the summer. 

  But.... that's too far ahead. Let's start at when things were "perfect." 

   I mean, they were "perfect" weren't they? 

   They "never fought" did they? 


Well, I guess everyone can have their own thoughts.

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