I will NOT!!

Selfish rich little brat name Emily White and outgoing weird young man name Michael Clifford was forced to be married to each other, she hated him from the very start, so she made a deal to him and his friends which soon turned everything that they both believed in upside down. Do they fall for each other? would the hate turn into love for the both of them Or they were just never meant to be?

Michael Clifford fanfic.. I love Michael this year, so yeah. Hihi.


1. Chapter 1

Loosing your beloved grandmother was the most hardest thing, especially knowing that you weren't there at her last breath cause you were too stubborn and too busy with studies. How stupid and selfish that was right. Urrgh I hate myself for that so much.

But that wasn't the worst part yet, when your grandmother has a huge successful company around the world and that one of her grandchildren is going to inherit the company. Well I don't have much of a fight, cause its just me and my selfish bratty cousin, Liza. My fathers sisters daughter. Get it. Her whole family was so arrogant and fucking selfish. I hated them, but I was not much of a good person either.


Today's the day that we know who is the rightful owner of the Whites Industry. I got off from bed and raced the bathroom cause I was late as usual, it was saturday morning. So last night I had a late night party with my girl Alex and my boyfriend Max.

I took off my last nights dress and hopped in the shower then turned on knob to let the warm steamy water hit my bare body. And when I was done I jumped out, like literally jumped out and almost slipped and fall. I grabbed my towel and hurried to the closet I had an hour left. The drive there is half an hour "SHIT!" I yelled out loud as I grabbed my bra and panties yo put it on. I made sure that it was a match. Weird right, NO!

"Babe, slow down. Your gonna get hurt." I heard a voice cracked from the bed. I forgot Max is here. I turned to face him with only my bra and my panties on to give him a light smile before running to my dress section. I'm an organized girl, and I like it. "Sorry, I'm just late." I answered when I picked the right dress that was a bright hot red dress. I had to dress elegantly for my mom. She has this 'No Jeans policy' so I had to wear a dress when I was going to see her. I went to my makeup dresser I comb my hair and let the natural brunette wave to my left shoulder. I applied a bit makeup so that I looked fresh. And grabbed my black heals.

"Gotta go babe, see you tonight then." I gave him a peck on the lips and rushed down. Woaw I'm really in a hurry. I grabbed my keys and got into my red mini copper (obvious thing I love red) and drove to the firm where everything would be sorted out. New York is a busy place people. But thank god I new short cuts.


I got to the firm 5 minutes late, "Shit" I cursed out to myself. My mom is going to be so mad at me. Its not that I was scared of her or anything its just I don't want to ever disappoint her. I ran to the elevator and bumped into a guy. "Fuck you!" I yelled but I didn't even look at him. He should really walk with his eyes open next time.

When I got to the floor that I was suppose to be at and a lady lead me to the office that everyone was at. On the way there I straighten myself to look presentable and asked the lady for her opinion on how I looked. We reached the office all she said was "You look fine." And gave her a friendly smiled before she walked back to her place to continue her work. My heart was racing like crazy. I took a deep breath and walked in with my head held high. "Sorry I'm late, the traffic was horrible." I lied. The traffic was fine. All they had to say was from that was "Fine," "its ok" but I knew my mom was mad just but the look of it. My aunt and Liza started whispering something right after I sat down next to my mom and I assumed it was not the good kind.


We sat there and listen to all the shit's that I don't give a shit about for hours I thought then the door swung open revealing a person that I thought I would never see ever again. With his weird looking hair, who the hell dyes his hair red in summer. Oh come on, dying your hair is so last season man. And that scar between his eye that I gave him (on purpose) was still visible after all this year. And whats with his tattoo, who get a tattoo at a place where people couldnt see and its near his armpit. It must have been to hell for the person who did that tattoo. What does 'Too the moon' even means. What the hell is he wearing, who wears a ripped band T-shirt to a firm. Oh ya him, urrgghh typical poor people. And behind him stood two people I guessed they're his parents he has the girls eyes and the guys nose.

"Everyone meet the Clifford's family. That is Karen and Daryl Clifford and the young man is-" before my grandmothers lawyer could finish I snorted out in disgust "Michael Clifford"


Oh my god, she really hate Michael. I kinda pointed our all the things that the bitch (Abigail) pointed out. Hahaha. But you still don't know her name. Sorry

But what will happen next?. 😱😱😱😱 why is Michael doing there anyway? He has no relation with the girl though. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Vote follow and comment if you want me to continue.. 😁😁

Love ya

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