How Could I Forget?

"Remember the first day we actually talked?" Luke asks, "You were in after school and you found me in the music room, nearly scared the crap out of me. And we went back to my house and we had a sleepover, and you fell asleep on me. Like what you're doing now." He laughs.

"You remember that?" I ask, looking up at him.

"How could I forget?" He says.


1. Instantly

Gabriellas POV:

Being the new kid wasn't that bad i mean sure i didn't know that many people and got lost on the way to classes but, i was already in with the popular kids and they seemed to like me. I was also doing really well in school, i was a true prodigy, they moved me up to the ninth grade (According to my age I should be in seventh) well i still stayed in the grade seven class but they gave me grade nine work. So i guess you could say i was a smart kid....but that's what they made fun of me for.

I should have known, i mean it was all to good to be true.

"You honestly thought you were good enough for us?" Haley asked. The words hit me like a death blow.

"Yeah come on I mean look at you! You dress like a guy" this made me look at my outfit by instinct, I wore denim shorts, a white tanktop, and a button up plaid long-sleeve (which i left unbuttoned), with some converse. What was wrong with that?

"And you always have your nose stuck in a book, or playing your stupid little guitar! And if your not doing that you're studying school work for no reason! Can you spell loser cuz that's what you are." This is when it's gonna get bad i think to myself, i've hung out with them long enough to know that Maddy (the leader of the pack) always speaks after Haley. They've made me cry already, the tears are streaming down my face, how much more could they want?

"You're not pretty, or rich, or skinny for that matter" the other girls all giggled at that, "so what made you think you could hang with us? You're just an ugly, overly smart, fat, thing that walks around the school." They were finally done, i knew this because once Maddy spoke no one else had the guts to keep talking, so they just turned on their heels and left the girls change room.

I stayed there for a few minutes wiping the tears away and looking at my reflection in the mirror. "They're right" i mutter to myself, looking at the girl in the mirror, she has hazel eyes, dirty blond hair, and some acne on her forehead that she tried to cover up with makeup. God i'm ugly.I grab my stuff and walk out of the change room and into the hallway. In the hallway i hear the sound of someone playing a guitar. I decide to follow the sound of music, it leads to the music room. Inside the music room i find a boy with a blond fringe and blue eyes playing the guitar.

He doesn't seem to notice me so i find a seat at the side of the class so he won't see me and sit down. He's pretty good, i'm not sure what song he's playing but it's soothing me. I listen until the end of the song and then decide to introduce myself. I stand up and start walking towards him.

"Um hi, it's Luke right?" I ask. He gets so startled he almost falls out of his chair.

"Yeah, and you're Gabriella the new girl." He answers.

"Yeah we're in homeroom together."


"Um you're really good at guitar." I say to break the silence.

"Thanks but i'm not that good." He laughs

"Better than me." I giggle.

"I'm probably worse."

"No way!! I'm wayyyy worse than you"

"Let's hear you play then"

At this i stiffen, i have a huge fear of playing in front of people. "Maybe some other time" i reply taking the seat next to him, and he shifts to face me.

"Why not now?" He asks quizzically.

"Um just not in the mood" I mumble, wiping a tear away hoping he doesn't notice.

"Hey why are you still here it's after school?" He asks suddenly.

"Oh i was just helping some teacher organize their classroom." I lie, " I should actually get going i have to make dinner."

"Won't your mom have your dinner ready?"

"She's working late today"

"Why don't you come over to my place and have dinner with us?" He asks excitedly.

"Um okay?"

"I think we're gonna be good friends" he says.

"Me too" i answer, smiling, it was like we were instant best friends.

So we start walking to his house, we ask each other questions to get to know each other better. He tells me he has two older brothers, i tell him i have no siblings. He tells me he's full Australian, i tell him i'm full Canadian. He tells me his parents are still together, i tell him my parents split up and that my dad still lives in Canada. By that time we're already at his house, which is a few doors down from mine.

"Hey my house is just over there!" I exclaim.

"No way!" He says as he opens the door.

"Yes way" i reply back, as two older boys come running down the stairs just to our left.

"MOM!!!! LUKE BROUGHT A GIIIIIIRRRRRLLL HOME!!!!!" The seemingly older one says.

The other brother hits the first one in the head "Hey this is the first one be nice" he says then mumbles to the first " And she's hot so keep it down and we can all be friends"

Luke sighs " This is my oldest brother Ben and my other older brother Jack." He motions his hand to his brothers, and then to me, "Ben, Jack this is Gabriella."

"Just Gabby is good though" I laugh. Just then a lady who i assume is Lukes' mother walks in.

"Well hello Gabby." She says, she's quite perky.

"Nice to meet you." I smile.

"You can call me Liz." She comes over and gives me a big hug.

"Can Gabby stay for dinner? Her mom works late so she'd be home all alone all night!" Luke asks, giving his mom the puppy dog eyes.

"Sure! You could even stay the night if you want!" Liz replies.

At this, all the boys cheer and drag me out to their back yard where a trampolines waits for us. They all pull me on and we start playing "Whatever You can do I can do Better" I'm loosing because i haven't been on a trampoline all that much in my life.

"Dinner's almost ready!!" Yells Liz from inside. I start getting off the trampoline, to help set the table but the boys stop me to ask where I'm going and i say to help set the table, they say that i don't have to, and i say it's the least i can do. I walk inside the house and ask Liz where the plates and things are.

"Oh sweetie you don't have to do that!" She waves me off.

"Yes i do, you made me dinner and you're letting me spend the night, it's the least i could do." I say.

She tells me the plates are in the cupboard to the left, the forks and knives are in the drawer under it, and the glasses are in the cupboard to the right. I nod and start pulling the plates out and setting them on the table. In a couple of minutes the table is set with all the food, drinks, and extras. I go out to grab the boys and they run in immediately at the mention of food. Once we're all sitting down we start dishing out our dinner which is chicken, mashed potatoes and peas.

"So tell us about yourself Gabby" says Liz.

"Oh well um, my parents spilt up when i was about three, and a few years later my mom re married. I still got to see my dad lots so i was ok with it. Later on my mom and step dad started fighting a lot so they divorced just a few months ago and we moved here." I explained quickly.

"So how long have you been living here?" Asks Ben.

"About 3 months" i say.

After that they start rapid fire questions in which i tell them that in Canada we do not ride polar bears to school and live in igloos, I have one dog here and one in Canada, I love reading, i used to be on a swim team and a snowboarding team, my best friend in Canada was a boy named Julian, and that i've been moved into the ninth grade.

"Wow Luke how did you manage to get her, she's wayyyyyyyyy out of your league!" Laughs Jack. I look at Luke who's sitting beside me and see that he's blushing, but i laugh along i'm used to these jokes. We all finish eating and i help unset the table and wash dishes, ignoring Liz's complaints.

"Why don't you borrow some of my pajamas and i can set up a movie for you guys?" Liz asks.

"Oh i actually live just down the street, i can go grab some pjs, and the movie sounds great!" I go grab Luke and ask him to walk over to my house with me, and he does. We walk into my mess of a house and Luke looks around with those beautiful blue eyes of his.

"I'll just be a minute." I yell as i run up the stairs and into my room. I dump the stuff out of my backpack and shove in a pair of baggy pj pants a tanktop and a book. I then grab a piece of paper and scribble a down a note for my mom telling her where i am. Turning around I almost crash into Luke. He just walks past me and examines my room which is a mess, there's clothes all over the floor, my bookshelf is overflowing,there's school papers strewn all over the desks and drawers, and a guitar and some records in the corner.

"Sorry it's a mess" I mumble.

"It's fine" he says happily.

"Ok come on your mom said she'd put on a movie! Do you like scary movies? Because i was thinking i could bring over my copy of 'The Possession'!" I squeal excitedly.

"YES" Yells Luke.


"This part always creeps me out" I say, cuddling into Lukes chest as the girl in the movie looks into the mirror.

" I haven't seen this movie so it's worse for me" He says as he tightens his grip around me.

"Hey can you pause it? I want to put my pjs on." I say getting up and walking to the bathroom. I lock the door and take my shorts off and pull my pj pants on, they're huge on me. Next i pull my shirt off, leaving my bra on, and pull on the tank top. Standing there looking in the mirror i realize just how right Haley and Maddy are. My hair is always wavy but not in the good way, im definitely over weight, and i have some acne on my forehead, im so ugly. I look away and start to cry. Walking back into the living room, i put my stuff in my bag and hope Luke doesn't notice the tears streaming down my face. I guess he notices because he asks " Why were you really at the school today?" I look at him like i don't know what he's talking about, he sighs, "I may not have known you for very long but i can already tell when you're lying."

I sigh, "My "friends" cornered me in the change room after gym class once everyone left" i put air quotes around friends, "They started making fun of me saying i was ugly and fat and a total loser..." I say blinking away tears, "And the worst part is that they're right" i whisper.

"No, they're wrong Gabby, you're great!! I mean come on you're completely brilliant, and you're definitely not ugly or fat" He walks over and gives me a huge hug

"Really?" I ask.

"Yes" He says, i still don't think so but it boosted my confidence.

We finish watching the movie, and talk for a few hours afterwards, just talking about random stuff. I don't remember falling asleep but, i did, i fell asleep snuggled up to Luke with his arms around me.

I wake up to see Ben and Jack in the hallway leading to the living room, gawking at me.

"What?" I say suddenly feeling self conscious.

"You and Luke slept together!" Shouts Jack.

I look up to see that my head is still on Luke's chest and that he's still asleep. "Oh" i mumble. Luke starts shifting around and groggily opens his eyes to see my face, unlucky for him.

"When did we fall asleep" he asks.

"I don't know, but your brothers caught us" i say pointing to Ben and Jack.

"Oh shit" groans Luke

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