Micheal's New Girlfriend


1. Mikey meets a beautiful girl

Mikey's POV

I was on my way to the video game store,on the way there I saw this really pretty girl.I couldn't help but stare.I think she noticed cuz she smiled at me,my face was probably really red so I smiled back and walked inside the store.

I went to the back and searched for something that me and Luke would play.

Then someone walked up to me and said,"Hi...I'm Rylie,I saw you outside..."

I smiled it's that beautiful girl and I said,"Hi,I'm Mikey,you have a beautiful name!"She smiled and blushed,"Um...Thanks...your name is cool too.."

I really like her,even though I just met her..."Hey,wanna come to my place??",I said.She nodded and smiled.

*Skips Walk Home*

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