When We Met

A story about love, romance and strange relationship.


1. Last Night

It was a sunny Sunday and Sinead was thinking about night time when she met a skinny guy at the local club. He wasn't a good looking guy but there was something in his eyes. His dark brown eyes were full of some strange feelings.  Even he was smiling during the conversation but his eyes seemed like full of tears. 
" Hi.......I'm John!" He was standing in front of her, out of blue from nowhere. 
She looked at him and his eyes caught hers. She couldn't blink her eyes for a second. 
"You there.....?" John said again.
"Oh.......yeah" She puzzled " Do I know you?" She asked the question and then felt awkward about the question. 
"Of course not........" He smiled" I'm new in the town.."
"I see......." Sinead sipped the drink" Welcome then......"
"So........how is life in this small town?" He looked into his eyes" I can say for sure that girls are very pretty around here.......".

She just laughed. She didn't say anything. She just felt awkward. Where is Emma? She thought. Emma was room mate and friend. They both used to come in this local club over the weekends. It was an old place, not very nice but it was easily accessible from hostel. Was good for few drinks. 

" Can I buy a drink for you........?" John politely said to her. 

" No......I'm already half drunk" She politely refused and started looking around for Emma.

" Are you ok........." John followed her eyes " You are looking for some one........"

"Yeah.........." She nodded her head..." Waiting for Alan....." It just came out of her mouth. She wanted to say Emma but couldn't. He looked at her with his dark brown eyes and said" Well.......it was nice talking to you...I'm sure w'll meet again.." He turned back and vanished in the cold and dark night.


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