North Side Boarding School

Ky and Matthew go to an all boy boarding school. They like it there. Matthew is popular, cool, the it-guy that everyone wants to be and all the girls want to date him...there's just one problem, Matthew's gay. Ky is the social outcast, he doesn't have many friends, his roommate is the it-guy...Matthew.

(The co-author is my editor she doesn't write anything in this story it's 100% mine...that's all)


1. When I first got here


It was a year ago when I first got to North Side Boarding School. I wasn't cool then I was kinda nerdy and gawky. All bone, no muscle, and I wasn't very athletic then. The girls back home said I was cute. I lived on the west coast and somehow, my parents decided a little east coast weather would do me some good. I don't know how they thought that. I haven't seen them since summer, and I'm a sophomore now.

When I first got here I was he new kid, nobody hated me, but nobody was really jumping to be my friend. My roommate was a junior. They didn't really have a freshman and freshman boarding thing going on, it was just every grade for themselves. They chose our roommates by having us answer some questions like hobbies, sleeping habits, favorite sports, things like that.

My roommate was Jason. He was the coolest at the school, you wanted to hang out with him. He never approached people to hang out, everyone always approached him. Oddly enough, Jason approached me. We became friends soon after that.

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