Wedding Day

It's Avalon's wedding day and she misses her father so much but he is in the marines. On this wonderful day she is marrying her best friend who she met freshman year. When she first moved here she didn't know anyone.


1. Bridal Suite

Today was the day, the day that Avalon James would be forever bound in eternal love to her fianće Sage Delsol. With the help of her best friend Luna Marie and her sister Haylie James, she gets ready to walk down the aisle in an elegant but playful white wedding gown adorned with beautiful diamonds, ruching across the top and down the side, and her shoes are a light silvery blue.  What Avalon doesn't know is that her father is back from the marines for her wedding, she thinks she is going to have to walk down the aisle alone.


"Ready Av?" Luna calls from the doorway.

"Yeah L I will be there in a minute I am just trying to fix my makeup real fast."

"Okay well someone is here to see you." Luna says


" Okay well tell them that I will be out in a minute."

"Av you need to come out here now."

"Okay, okay I am coming."


When Avalon gets out into her bridal suite she sees someone that she never expected to see in a long time.

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