End Up Here (5SOS KIDS)

Years after 5 seconds of Summer broke up, they each raised a family.
Lauren Hemmings, Avery Irwin, Charlie Clifford, and Hunter Hood are all going to highschool together. If you think having ex rock stars for dads make life easier, you're wrong.


1. Bad Dreams

Luke Hemmings: Lauren Hemmings was born on June 16, 2018 at 5:17 p.m in Pyrmont Australia. Her older brothers Jack and Finn were also born is Pyrmont on May 13, 2013 which makes them 21 and Lauren 16. Lauren has blonde hair that goes down to the bottom of her back and has the same color eyes as her daddy. She is 5"9 and still growing!

Calum Hood: Hunter Hood was born on January 15, 2018 at 2:47 am in Balmain East. He is the only child and he is 16 and 5"11. He has brown quiffed up hair and dark brown eyes.

Michael Clifford: Charlie Clifford was born on February  6th, 2018 at 9:02 a.m. in Barangaroo. He is 16 but his mom is expecting another little one. He is currently 5"11 in a half and hasn't dyed his hair yet because his mum doesn't approve.

Ashton Irwin: Avery Irwin was born on April 2nd 2018 at 5:20 pm in Barangaroo also. She is 16 and her little brother Evan is 14. Avery is 5"7 and done with growing. 

All after the rugrats were born, the lads wanted to be closer to each other, so they could always hang out together. So they all packed their bags and their strollers and moved near Sydney New South Wales near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

They all live quite close to each other, it would take about 30 seconds to walk to one anothers house, but Luke and Calum live right next to each other.


Lauren's POV

"Lauren! Help me with the decorations!" Avery said on top of a ladder, putting the streamers up.

"Coming!" I said, brushing my blond hair out of my face and helping her hold the ladder. 

"Thanks, I got it though.Help put the lights up,"Avery says pointing toward the box of lights.

I walked over and grabbed the box of lights, which weren't light.

"Here baby I got it," My dad said helping me carry the box toward the tree.

"Thanks dad, but I got it, really," I reassure him.

"Hon, I'm not that old, really, I got it," My dad said climbing another ladder and streaming the lights through it. 

"Dad, you're 40, be careful, please," I sigh, shaking my head.

"40 but looking better than all the 18 year old guys," my dad laughs.

"Yea sure okay dad," I laugh with him, not wanting to say if he was cute when 18 or not because that's weird.

"Go help Avery," My dad said stringing the lights.

"Fine," I said as I walked back over to her.

"Avery, lemme help," I beg her.

"With what? Lauren I-" Suddenly the ladder shakes and Avery goes down with it.


"Gotcha!" I hear Charlie say catching Avery.

"I almost died," Avery said, putting her hand over her heart. 

"Almost, but I'm glad I caught," Charlie said smiling and putting Avery down.

"Nice catch Charlie," I say high fiving him. 

"What can I say, Avery's a catch," Charlie shrugs smiling. 

"What did I miss?" Hunter asks, climbing over my fence.

"We have a front door," I say.

"Yea but it's easier climbing over," Hunter shrugs.

"AVERY VANESSA IRWIN! YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" I hear Uncle  Ashton say running up to his daughter.

"Dad I'm fine," Avery groans as Ashton checks her face for injuries.

"Are you hurt? Oh god I saw you fall from upstairs! I thought I almost lost you honey!" Uncle  Ashton says kissing her forehead. 

"Dad I said I'm okay. Charlie caught me," Avery said nodding her head to Charlie.

"Good god Charlie thank you!" Uncle Ashton says hugging Charlie.

"Yea, told you guys my son is a hero!"  Uncle Michael says running up to his son, patting him on the back.

"What did I miss?" Uncle Calum says carrying in groceries.

"Nothing much. You're late. Now how is that when you live next to us?" My dad asks my Uncle.

"The party doesn't start till....oh," Uncle Calum says looking at his watch.

"Yea, oh," Uncle Michael says laughing.

"We'll get started on the food. Kids, you guys can hang out," my dad says.

As we ran upstairs into the playroom, we all sat around in a circle.

"How does it feel being almost Seniors?" Hunter asks us.

I shrug," I don't feel like a senior yet."

"Same. I still feel like I just graduated 8th grade the other day," Charlie says.

"Ew 8th grade," Avery says sticking her tongue out. 

"What was wrong with 8th grade?" I asked her.

"Formal! I had this as my date," Avery says pointing to Charlie.

"You know that's not true! You asked me to the dance!" Charlie says laughing.

"Only cause Noah went with Sadie!"

"Well now Noah is gay," Charlie shrugs.

"I liked formal," Hunter smiled.

"Course ya did. Cause you went with me!" I smirked.

"No it wasn't cause of you...Well ya but that's when I had my first kiss," Hunter says.

"That was also me," I say.

"Oh, well then yea, I guess you did make my 8th grade year," Hunter says blowing me a kiss.

"Gross cooties," Charlie says.

"Shut up we all know you hooked up with Aileen last summer," I laughed.

"Lots of things happened last summer," Avery sighs.

We all grow quiet and just listen to our dads talking downstairs.

"Way to ruin the mood," Charlie says quietly.

"Charlie!" Hunter corrects him.


"No it's my bad, I did ruin the mood," Avery sighs again.

"No it's no one's fault. K?" I say.

"Kids! Come downstairs!" 



"I just wanna make a toast to our great lives and our great kids! May your senior year be the best one!" My dad says holding his drink out.

"Cheers to that," Hunter says as we all click our drinks together.

"Be right back, we need to have teenage talk!" I say tapping Charlie and Hunter and grabbing Avery's hand.

"Tree House?" My dad and my uncles ask.

"Treehouse," We all say together.

I climb the ladder and wait for the rest of the gang to come up.

"Why did you call us up here?" Avery asks.

"Do you remember when we played spin the bottle up here?" Charlie asks winking at Avery.

"Hush up Clifford! Or I'll end you!" Avery growls at him. 

"Anywayyyyy tomorrow is the first day of our lives! We gotta make everyday count! If something bad every happens, we stick together. Hands in!" I ordered as everybody put their hands in the middle.



I woke up in a boat, swaying back and forth upon against the water. 

No not this dream no! "Avery!" I shouted looking around the boat but I knew she wouldn't be on it. 

"LAUREN!" A scream was heard from outside the boat.

"Avery?!" I yelled back looking at the dark black water.

"HELP ME!" I hear Hunter say from the other side.

"LAUREN!" I hear Charlie scream.

"STOP!" I scream as my back hits the railing, causing me to flip over.

This never happened in my dream before. I never even touched the water in my other nightmares. 

I couldn't see underwater, it was all black. All I could see were shadows of something big swimming toward me.

"NO! STOP DON'T TOUCH ME!" I screamed underwater as I felt something touch me.

"I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" I scream in the water.

"Lauren stop!" I hear someone say as I'm shaken back to reality.

I gasp for air looking around to see Hunter shaking my shoulders, putting his knees around my legs.

"Hu- Hunter?" 

"Lauren it was just a bad dream. It's okay," Hunter says, also looking as though he ran a marathon, breathing heavily. 

"I th- thought th- the bo- the boat dream," I cry .

"No, no it's okay. Don't cry," Hunter says as he picks me up and holds me on the bed, my face buried into his neck. 

"Wh- where is m- my,"

"He went out with Uncle Mikey, Ashton, and my dad," Hunter says.

"Pl- please," I tell Hunter, trying to stop crying.


"Please stay,"


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