Jump the truck wont stop

Niall horan is standing in the road and there is a truck coming and it won't stop. Has he seen it? "MOVE!" Hasn't he heard me? JUMP!!


1. JUMP!!!!

Katerina's point of view


Hi my name is Katerina and I live in a small village in England. Where everybody knows each other and today is my birthday!! I'm going to meet and greet ONE DIRECTION!! After their concert tonight. I'm so excited. But I need to go and get my shoes that I ordered from the shop to wear later. So I go upstairs 2 get a cold and short shower just 2 feel refreshed. When I get out I dried my hair and I got dressed. Then I put on my converse , grabbed my keys, money and phone 2 put in my bag. Then I left and locked my door. As i was walking around the corner onto the road where only lorries drive down. I then noticed a guy who I feel like I've seen before but not around here. But I just carried on walking because he looks busy.

I see him cross the road but he just stands in the middle of the road and there was a truck coming down the road over the spread limit and it looks like the driver is on his phone and not paying attention on the road-which everyone knows is illegal. "MOVE!" I scream but the guy just looks up at me with red puffy eyes filled with water. I run over the where the guy is standing with his back 2 me again and the lorry is getting faster and is nearly here so I can't just stand here I have to "JUMP!" ..

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