Silent Survival

I don't own Regular Show.
When the world crumbles quickly, The regular gang find themselves stuck in the apocalypse. Despite the troubles the world throws at them, They will always stick by eachother. Nothing could seperate them... Right...?


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Five minutes passed and Rigby was starting to get bored of the silence. Rigby stretched his arm out and found the tv remote. Rigby didn't hesitate to flick the tv on. Rigby didn't bother changing the channel the tv was on, finding that the local news was on. Rigby didn't pay much attention to the story until he heard screaming from the tv. Rigby allowed himself to focus on the tv as the blonde presenter became more and more frantic. 

"At this time we recommend that everyone stays Indoors. A virus which seems to make people aggressive and violent is spreading and affecting many people. These people seem to have no control as they attempt to bite any person in the area. At the minute we do not know the number of people effected by this vir-"

The news broadcast was cut abruptly as the news presenter was viciously jumped on and thrown to the ground by a man which looked like he himself had been attacked. The camera which was recording the scene was thrown to the ground and it gave a clear view of the burning buildings and torn up streets ahead of where they were recording. 

Rigby was scared. There was no doubting it. He had played enough video games and watched enough tv to know that this wasn't any old virus...

This was a zombie outbreak...

And Mordecai was out in it...

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