My IQ Test

Lana Hunt is a really smart girl. She is actually a grade ahead in school. Today is her first day in 8th grade, even though she is only 12. As the class takes the beginning of the year IQ Test, Lana and her school finds out that she has scored higher than anyone ever. Between being accused of cheating and going on National News, what will Lana do to make everything go back to normal.


1. First Day

Through the door to the right 305, Through the door to the right 305.

This is what I mumble to myself as I enter my new school. My mom drops me off at the drop of sign and I head into the school. I am at school early today so that I can see around the school. 305 is my room number and it is to the right after you enter the school. As I am walking up the stairs, I hear running footsteps behind me. A girl with brown curly hair, glasses, and a yellow and green backpack runs up to me."You must be the new girl" she says out of breath. "Yep, that's me" I answer." Cool, I'm Maggie, so how do you like it here at Lincoln School" she says. "I'm good and I am Lana" I say back." Lana, that's a cool name" Maggie says as she starts to walk up the stairs."Thanks" I say as I start to walk in to Lincoln School with her.

Lincoln is a small school. It has old, cracked, and tinted windows. The building is made of red brick, but the inside walls are green and yellow tiles. Green and yellow must be the schools colors. That explains Maggie's backpack. The floors are tile too, but they are white. The lockers are rusted steel, with locks that don't even need to be their, because they could literally just crumble at the touch. The doors are soggy mahogany wood, the kind that are hard to open during hot summer months. And the desks are really low and the chairs are way to high. 

Maggie and I walk into our classroom. A teacher, a man who is a little overweight, bald, has a black beard ,and glasses.When we enter he tells us to take our seats. After we walk away, he takes out his phone and I hear the ding of Flappy Bird starting.After about a 10 minutes of talking to Maggie, the teacher stands up and says" Good morning class my name is Mr.Borden". As he writes his name on the board, Maggie gives me a weary look." OK, I need everyone to take out a number 2 pencil, and I will be around to give you the test" Mr. Borden says. " What, a test"?!!? The class says. " An IQ test, nothing you could have prepared for" He answers back.Everyone sighs in relief. "Tests are out everyone silent" He whispers to us all. Maggie and I exchange looks of confusion. "This guy is nuts" she mouths. "I know" I mouth back. I sit up in my seat and he hands me my test. I write my name and begin to work.

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