Ink Blots

Poems about life.
You know... All that good stuff


1. Ink Stains

Ink Stains


 Ink is bleeding through

soft drops of poison all black and blue,

little truths and promises scrawled across the surface

my heart drawn freely onto a blank canvas.

I gave you the pen but it bled through,

staining the perfect white with crimson hue

a savior in need,

for my heart indeed

I guess this is what you came to do.

One cannot erase a permanent mark,

but simply shade over to make it dark

Like a scar or wound that can not be replaced,

by a simple touch or look on your face,

but I need you to heal me,

I need to feel the warmth you extend so freely,

I need the sweetness of your breath to fan across my face,

a kiss of your lips not a moment to waste.

Because your love is the key to make us last

regardless of our horrid and troubled past.

so put down the pen you hold so dearly 

and just come closer, please come near me,

because I promise I'll be forever yours for the rest of eternity.




What do you think? Should I continue? I'm not much a a poet, as much as I wish I had the talent that most of you have, sadly I do not. So please let me know if this is worth continuing...

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