An Extraterrastrial's Guide to Earth

Written by the foremost Earthnomosist, Prof. Z. Globbernotz, this book describes Earth and all its inhabitant's quirks and behaviors.


1. Planet Classification

As these will be referenced quite a bit, you may care to know them.

Level 0: Microbial life, or basic plants

Level 1: Sentient creatures living in caves, grasping the basics of fire and tools

Level 2: Small towns, farming, the wheel, basic weapons (swords, bows and arrows, spears, etc.)

Level 3: Basic automated transports, basic electricity, small explosives, firearms

Level 4: Intermediate aircraft, basic telescopes, cities, motion pictures

Level 5: Basic space travel, recently reached a moon, perhaps, basic nuclear weapons, non-lethal lasers

Level 6: Intermediate cryogenics, inter-solar system travel, primitive teleport, perhaps first contact with an alien race, laser weaponry, a world government, in some cases

Level 7: Advanced space travel, hovercrafts, moon colonies, extended lifespans, perhaps two or even three centuries of life expectancy

Level 8: Intergalactic governments, teleportation commonplace, extremely primitive time travel, only able to go a few minutes back or fowards

Level 9: Terra forming tech, efficient renewable resources, basic time travel for historical and scientific purposes, accidents commonplace

Level 10: Highest level, advanced and common place time and space travel, biological science and augmentation common, holograms, incredible life spans, most illnesses extinct, hyper-realistic simulations, floating cities, etc.


Note: Level 5 civilizations or higher are not permitted for occupation or terraformation by order of the Shadow Proclamation, Article 15, brought to attention by the Parlect IV incident. Level 8 civilizations okay to be occupied by the planet's consent, Level 9 can be declared war on. 

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