Oedipus Rex in a Cracked Nutshell

A re-telling of Sophocles' play Oedipus Rex which is arguably more entertaining than the real thing, but less accurate than spark notes. I will not be held accountable for misinformation.


1. Disclaimer



None of this story line is actually mine. All rights belong to Sophocles, who is long dead, so...next of kin? No idea. If you haven't read "Dante's Inferno In a Cracked Nutshell," then this might seem very odd to you. Apologies. Pretty much, I just re-write things to help me study/to amuse me so... This is mostly accurate. Maybe not the details. Don't put too much faith in it. 


Enjoy. Or don't. I don't particularly care. If you don't like it by the end, feel free to follow Oedipus's example. 

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