So you think that all fairytales have nothing to do with each other but that's not the truth they do.

Living in a enchanted land can be challenging. But falling into a new world can be even more. Being trapped in a tower or running away from the evil queen but finding your way back to your long lost home is the hardest thing of all.


1. the beginning

" dad do you have to ? " Zoey asked her dad, the king of the eastern enchanted land. Their is 7 other kingdoms in this land and one underwater one and a giant forest in the middle of all of them called the enchanted forest. Then theirs Neverland, wonderland and some other land that nobody knows much about rather than rumpleskiltskin.

My dad replies to me " I have no choice too. I must remarry. It's for are own good " he had his hand on my shoulder looking sorry. I say " it's fine dad " looking down sad.

She will be here in three days. The wedding is in a week. I have three days to myself then I'll have to spend my time getting to know her.

Three days later..

My dad has me dresses nice to meet her. She should be here any minute now.

My dad and i were waiting at the door. We suddenly here horses hooves and a man yelling " whoa. " that must be her I assume.

We go outside to meet her. The man we heard before is opening the door for her. She steps down from the step wearing a white dress with flowers on it. Her hair was long, brown and curly and she had beautiful blue eyes.

"Welcome " my dad said. " it's an honer " she said " this is my daughter Zoey " and I Creasy to her and she says " lovely " giving me death like stair. We all go inside and her servant, the man from before carries all her things.

My dad suggested that I get to know her and show her around so here I am showing her around the castle and talking to her.

Their was something about her. The way she smiled and laughed. I didn't like it.

After a while we head to the dinning table for dinner.

" so how'd things go ? " my dad asks and I say " good " and he says " ok that's good " and I go " yeah. "

The day of the wedding...

I was with perla. Watching the maids give her the last touch ups before the wedding would begin. "So zoey what do you think ? " she asks and I reply " about the dress ? Cuz it looks nice " and she says " no sweetie about me marring your dad " and I say lying " well.. Idk.. I haven't really thought about it " of course I have and I don't want it to happen! She says " alright then " and looks away smirking " Alright you're all ready now " says one of the maids and parla says " good "

We then leave to the garden where they would be getting married. I was given flowers hold and start walking out before she does. We both get to the end in a matter of time and the pastor says " we are all gathered here today for the marriage of King Andy and mistress perla " the guest consist of very few people. This was a private ceremony. The pastor finishes his long boring speech and then says " you may now kiss " and they kiss.

*perla's prov*

Finally the kingdom is mine. I didn't mom. Just for you, was going through my head. This poor girl has no idea what's coming for her. The only thing I have left to do is get rid of the king and that will be easy.

I was making a cup of whine for the king before bed and slipped a bit of poison in it. I mad sure nobody saw. I walk over to him holding it and say " it's all ready " smiling and he takes it " thanks " he says and then takes a sip if it, swallows then coughs saying in a raspy voice " what did you put in it ? " and I just laugh. He looses his breath and dies.

I go and get the nurse telling her that he stopped breathing. She checks on him and agrees. We will announce his death to Zoey first then the people. A funeral will be held in three days.

" where is my father ? " Zoey asks the next day at the breakfast table, I say as calm as I can " Zoey your father died last night. Their was something in his drink " and she goes " what no that can't be true " I could tell she was about to cry and I say " dear it's true I'm sorry " she starts to cry " no it can't be " and goes off to her room.

She's hardly came out of her room for the past few days. I've never been happier in my life! It's the day of the funeral and we are both outside now, in the cold rain at the funeral. I'm fake crying as Zoey puts a white rose on her fathers grave.

Once inside I say to her " alright Zoey you won't be needing those nice dresses any more and I would like you to wash the nub off the floor " and she goes " you can't do this to me " and I go " oh yes I can. Do what I say or I'll kill you as well " and she follows my instructions as I go to my room, go up to my mirror at look at myself and think of all the power I have, I've gotten what I've wanted. What my mother wanted for me.

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