Power Rangers: The Saif Warrior


1. Reality Scare

Reality Scare


            I woke up in my room at the Shiba house. Of course I woke up with a bang, since nightmares now days kind of ruled my dreams. I was a bit sore from the battle I’d gotten into last night. We managed to defeat psycho green, but what he said just before he blew up into smithereens, left me rattled. He said that a great evil was going to soon plague the earth.

Master Xandred had been defeated by the Samurai rangers, my brother and his other Megaforce ranger friends managed to defeat Prince Vekar and his brother Vrak. Now, we were dealing with Darkonda. So the question was, what evil was this that was going to be reawakened?

I got up and felt somewhat dizzy. I sat back down and it passed. “Wow…that was massive” I said to myself.

Troy walked in, looking worried. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m ok…a little dizzy, but I’m ok.”

“Master Ji said you overused your symbol powers, and that it took a toll on you.”

“If it comes from within me, then I guess it makes sense.”

“Yes…it does. Especially because you’re still very new at it, your body is still adjusting to these new powers.”

“Troy…why don’t you cut the bull and tell me why you’re here?” I said sternly. “Actually, scratch that off the list because I already know why you’re here. So why don’t you just cut the small talk and tell me what you wanna tell me before I lose what little patience I have left.”

I was being harsh. Life had made my heart as impenetrable as stone. All my life I’d grown attached to him, because he was my big brother and logically I looked up to him. Now however, after being away from him for so long, I realized it was a big mistake on my part to have gotten so attached to him. Sure he was my brother and most would tell me I had every right to get close and attached to him. But it was being so attached to him that made me almost depend on him. I’d learned that I had to depend on myself and only me, and not anyone else.

“Buddy, I know I might have gone too far with erasing your memories…but…”

“Screw you!” I got up and walked out.

“Wait!” he followed.

“What, so you can tell me you were ‘trying to protect me’?” I kept walking, passing our parents, and the rest of the rangers, Karone, and Master Ji. I landed on the kitchen, and nearly wanted to smash a glass cup against the wall.

“Why don’t you quit being a brat and for once think before acting out!” he shouted. His expression was filled with anguish and sadness. His eyes were glossy, and for a moment it seemed like he wanted to tear up. The others showed up, clearly wanting to get to the dishy stuff first. I decided not to give Troy a hard time anymore. Somehow, just seeing him in this much distress, was enough to tame my normally untamed heart. But I still wasn’t ok. “I did what I did because of how scared you were. I had no idea it would hurt you this much, especially because I couldn’t reverse the spell before it got to the point where you kept wondering about that day, how it nearly drove you…”

“It drove me crazy, because I knew something bad had happened that day, and it was all very fuzzy and confusing. And that only further angered me.”

“I know…I know what you went through and how scared you were. The fear was still inside, but you just couldn’t remember it.”

“Adrian, can’t you just let go of this?” Gia asked. “He’s your brother, he only did what he thought was best at that moment.”

“She’s right mijo” my mom said. “He was trying to protect you from all the bad things you saw that scared you. Can’t you make peace with that?”

“If only it were that simple” I felt the urge to cry now, but I held it together before any tears started to shed. “Look, I really don’t want to talk about this now. I need time to get my thoughts together.”

“Fair enough” said my dad. “Look, things have been tense enough as it is, and Gosei gave us permission to take the Skyship for a stroll.”

“Yeah” Jayden smiled. “We figured maybe some time in the air, might allow us to relax enough.”

“I’m excited” said Antonio.

“It will be refreshing for everyone” said Master Ji. “So what do you say?” he looked at me.

“Come on Adrian” said Emma.

I knew I was going to get dragged into it no matter what. “Fine…I guess we can go.”

“Awesome” said Jake, who like Antonio, was beyond excited.

I wasn’t all that exited to go on the Skyship, but I figured it would be relaxing. We went to my house to get some clothes. My mom and dad were going to cook, and my mom was going to help Mia in cooking, since according to everyone, she’s the worst cook.

I threw on a pair of beige Hollister cargo pants, and a gray graphic tank top with blue on the sides. I threw on my black over white Authentic Vans, grabbed my green sweatshirt hoodie, and headed out to meet my parents and Troy.

We went into the Skyship, and we were going around the city. The Skyship even had a small kitchen that had been built in recently. Since the Armada attack, the ship endured severe damages that took a few months to repair. The rangers had managed to create a kitchen, with Gosei’s permission of course. According to my dad, it was also similar to the Astro Megaship that he and his Space Ranger pals lived in. Rooms had also been built here, and essentially one could live here as well. Still, that was only going to happen if it was absolutely necessary, which at the moment it wasn’t.

Everyone, all the Samurai and Megaforce rangers, including Karone, Master Ji, and my parents, were all having a good time. I was just kind of on the sidelines, watching. It felt awkward being here with them. They were having a good time, while I wasn’t all that thrilled. I felt like I didn’t belong here, like I was the third wheel. I quickly left the kitchen and dining area before anyone saw me. I walked around the ship, exploring the different rooms it had. I decided to throw on my headphones, and started listening to music on my iPhone.

I headed to the balcony of the ship outside, and started listening to one of Lana Del Rey’s songs called Video Games. Yeah, the title sounded a bit kid’ish, like it was about kids who only played video games, but it wasn’t. It was actually a nice song that had a deeper meaning than the title appeared to have. She was basically talking about a guy, how he didn’t treat her as nice as she wished, and how she wished things turned out at the end. The reference ‘Video Games’ to me suggested that perhaps the guy was playing her like one would a video game, but of course that was just my opinion, and I’m sure that there were thousands of other opinions out there about the meaning of the song.

However, something she said in the song kind of struck a nerve. It kind of reminded me of my relationship with Troy, how it used to be, how it was now, and how I wish it was. She said: Heaven is a place on earth with you.

Ok, so yeah, he was my brother and our relationship was brotherly, but in a way I could relate to what she was saying. Whenever I was with Troy, it felt almost heavenly because we always did things together, and of course he was always looking out for me, which of course made me feel like I mattered to someone. We always played soccer, and while he wasn’t much of a skater, he often times did skate with me. Those were the days, and I missed them terribly. I wanted things to be the way they were once, before this ranger business got in the way.

Maybe it was silly to relate to this song in terms of my messed up relationship with Troy, but Lana’s words hit me harder than I expected them to. I guess deep inside I wished things were different. I wish Troy had not kept so many secrets from me. I wished that the evil he fought against, didn’t exist. I wished so many things that I now realized were always going to be a part of our lives no matter what happened. It felt like things between us were going to only get worse between us, and I felt powerless to stop it.

I walked over to the balcony and let my feet hang in the air as I sat. I held on to the handles, watching as we flew over the city. I felt the crisp air flowing all around me. It felt so peaceful up here, it was almost heavenly. I wasn’t around the chaos of the big city, the noise, and most importantly, there were no monsters up here to ruin the peace I was experiencing.

Troy startled me, and sat down in the same position I was in. “It’s peaceful here.”

“Yeah, it is. I actually feel somewhat at peace just sitting here with my feet dangling in the air.”

“Yeah” he smiled. “I’m happy Gosei allowed us to take this ship out for a joy ride.”

“I’m surprised he even let us. This ship is also like a five start hotel in its own right. It even has a kitchen” I laughed.

“Yeah, we figured it was a good idea to put one and a few rooms in it.”

“This thing is cool” I admitted.

“Definitely” he said, staring out in the air. He admired the view for a long time, then he turned and looked at me sternly. “What are you scared of?” he asked, randomly.

“What?” I was confused.

“What are you scared of Adrian?!” he said in a scary tone. I still didn’t understand his question, which was frustrating me. “I guess we’re going to have to find out” he smiled.

He jumped off the ship and watched in horror as he was falling. “TROY!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “NO!!!!!!!!!” I cried.

I kept screaming in horror as I watched my brother falling and disappearing from sight. I kept yelling and yelling for help, but nothing could stop this. I kept yelling loudly, horror and anguish filling my heart. I started crying intensely, unable to believe what Troy had just done to me.

Suddenly, I was in one of the rooms inside the ship. I was confused, my heart beating a million times a minute.

“Adrian!” I heard Troy’s voice from behind. I turned, and he was right in front of me, along with the other rangers.

I quickly hugged him, not wanting to let him go. “What just happened? How did?...” I asked, confused.

“It was all an illusion on my part” he admitted.

“An illusion?” I asked, again confused.

“It was the only way to reverse the effects of that mind erasing spell, in order to snap you back to reality…so you wouldn’t be so scared and angry like you’ve been” said Orion.

Ok, so it was all just an illusion on Orion’s and my brother’s part. “Ok, I’m relieved…but you really scared me!” I looked into my brother’s blue eyes.

“I know…and I’m sorry for doing this to you. It was the only way to bring you back to your old self again.”

My heart was still beating super fast inside my chest. As scared as I was still, I no longer felt angry or angry at Troy. I was actually happy to see him, and didn’t feel that resentment toward him. I once again jumped into his arms, happy that he was ok.

“I’m sorry” he apologized.

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