Never Forgiven

Hunter is a misunderstood girl, she thought she was alone. One day she met a strange boy, who changed her life, her world, her humanity.


1. Not a very romantic Beginning

Okay, you're probably wondering 'what the hell is with this chic?' Honestly, I don't know. I barely turned seventeen and I was extremely angry with my parents. Not because I didn't get what I wanted or any of that bratty shit, but because they forgot my birthday... again. As I sat in my room, I glared at my reflection in the mirror. Brown hair and eyes, average body, short and shaky fingers, and a mole on my neck. I was just too normal. I've asked my mom many times if I could dye my hair, or get highlights, or anything to make me stand out. I decided, after an hour, to take my dog Brat on a walk. By then It was around midnight. As I grabbed the leash, I got the feeling I was being watched. I looked behind me to see Maddie or 'Demon Cat'. She hissed and ran in the other direction. I took Brat to a nearby park and sat on a bench. She started to bark. Strange, Brat never barked.

        "Whats a pretty girl like you doing alone?" A man wearing a white hoodie was leaning against a nearby tree.

        "That's none of your fucking business." I gripped the knife I kept in my pocket.

        "Where did you learn your manners?" He mocked, I looked closely at his jacket, it was covered in blood stains. I stood up.

        "Again, none of your business." I growled. I was about to turn around when he pulled a knife on me. "What do you want?"

        "I want you to... Go to sleep!" He pounced, I ducked the knife and pulled out my own. I lashed out on him, and I managed to cut his arm open. He tried to stab me, I dodged and stabbed his arm, making him scream. He dropped the knife, and I grabbed it. I pushed him against the tree he was leaning against and stabbed his sleeve into it with his own knife.

        "I won't kill you, next time I won't make any promises." I growled. I ran back home before he could react. Brat followed me quietly and obediently. When I arrived at our suburb home, I immediately went to my room.  I changed into an oversize My Chemical Romance t-shirt and clean underwear. I layed in my bed, black frame with red bedding, I looked around. My walls were painted a dark red, painted to match my bed, and covered with band posters (Mostly My Chem). My ceiling was black with red stripes, the same red on my walls. I had a bay window with dark curtains that I sat in when I did my homework, and a desk that was covered in drawings of horror film covers and video game characters. I had black carpet that had the occasional red dot in it. I had a pretty great room, if you're into the dark gamer girl vibe. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of that man, now that I think about it, he was barely a boy, maybe my age. His skin was white, at least his hand was, and he had black hair that peaked out of his hood. Thinking about it just made me even more curious. What color where his eyes? Was he even a man? Was his face as pale as his hand?These were all questions that ran through my mind like rats in a cage, But there was one that really bothered me. Who is he? At around four a.m. I couldn't stand the silence anymore so I pulled out my ipod. Guess what song came up when I pressed shuffle. 'Somebody's watching me'. Funny right? Wrong! Once the beat started I threw my ear buds across the room. After I got my heartbeat down to a healthy hundred beats a second, I crossed the room to pick them up. When I bent down I heard a snicker. I looked to where the sound came from. The closet.

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